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  1. Need suggestions for camera + ipad bag
  2. Using iPad in Macbook Air 11" Ristretto padded compartment?
  3. Empire Builder and Zephyr Colors
  4. What is the 1050d ballistic steel like?
  5. Checkpoint Flyer - Opinions needed!
  6. Does anyone else find it REALLY ANNOYING
  7. A Friendly Reminder - Clear Quarter Suggestion
  8. Handle Loop on Facebook
  9. Zephyr - Front strap on the floor
  10. iPad 2 Cache
  11. Aeronaut - but smaller....maybe??
  12. Hard iphone travel case?
  13. Tom Bihn CPAP Carry Options?
  14. Aeronaut colors questions
  15. Ristretto for 11" MBA and water bottle
  16. Red Oxx Site Redesign
  17. Breve for Original iPad?
  18. Which organizer pouches for passport & boarding pass
  19. Imago in Cordura vs Ballistic Nylon
  20. Breve just for iPad2?
  21. Thin sleeve for MBP i7 17", thin enough to fit inside Brain Cell?
  22. Smart Alec for academic briefcase?
  23. Western Flyer as a briefcase?
  24. Cork products to Australia
  25. Synapse in ultraviolet dyneema for man?
  26. Imago and a Cache
  27. Aeronaut compartment sizes
  28. Would the folded Large Shop Bag fit inside an All Fabric Stuff Sack?
  29. Ipad and 11 Air: Ristretto Air 11 or Copilot or?
  30. Can Aeronaut handle this?
  31. Will all my gear fit in the Synapse?
  32. Selvage
  33. Unlearning how to pack for business travel
  34. Packing Cube Shoulder Bag/Backpack
  35. iPad and Packing Cube Shoulder Bag
  36. Traveling with suit(s)
  37. Cayenne
  38. How to switch Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Cases
  39. Tri Star color question....
  40. Aeronaut for Business Travel: Convince Me
  41. Is the Buzz the right bag for me?
  42. Ristretto question
  43. ID and Absolute Shoulder Strap
  44. Keeping the Cafe Bags on my Shoulder
  45. Little Swift or small cafe bag?..which one
  46. Packing Cube weights
  47. Small commuter bag?
  48. HP ProBook 6555b - which bag?
  49. Questions about the Aeronaut
  50. Let's talk colors and cat/dog hair.
  51. Curious about the extra clip on Smart Alec straps
  52. The Synapse is the solution. Which fabric?
  53. Ballistic Nylon colours?
  54. "Change of Clothes" bag for Synapse
  55. any super tall men out there have an aeronaut?
  56. Brain Cell for 11" MacBook Air?
  57. Backwards Buzz
  58. Colour of accessories
  59. Pouch for camera and lens solutions
  60. Wonder File
  61. Tri star questions
  62. Accessories for Synapse
  63. Ristretto for 11 inch Macbook Air Question
  64. Field Journal Notebook
  65. Three-hole punch for FJN?
  66. Packing Cube Shoulder Bag - how about a few O-rings inside?
  67. Western Star for Business?
  68. tri star/western flyer/aeronaut.
  69. Smart Alec Size
  70. FJN stationery for fountain pen users
  71. Aeronaut or Tristar
  72. The Perfect Bag-Co-Pilot- Just bigger ="A Senior Pilot"
  73. Wanted: M CAFE BAG in Kelly/Steel
  74. Swift - new black bottom on all styles?
  75. Messenger for work with 15" MBP: ID or Ego?
  76. Small Swift Colors
  77. Handle options on older Imago ?
  78. Messenger Bag / Macbook Pro
  79. Russian Dolls
  80. Synapse as iPad bag?
  82. A tight fit?
  83. Zephyr and 15 unibody macbook pro
  84. Need a companion bag for my Tri-Star!
  85. Red Iberian
  86. Overnight bag for 2
  87. Is the Zephyr right for me? Help and advice please?
  88. cord zipper pulls....
  89. Imago and Freudian Slip?
  90. Ristretto, iPad, Camera ?
  91. ID or Id?
  92. Need Advice on Wearing Super Ego
  93. Synapse and water bottle pocket
  94. Co-Pilot and Water Bottle
  95. MacBook Air 11.6"
  96. How does a 2 vertical brain cell differ from a 2S?
  97. different color keystraps?
  98. What bag to buy?
  99. How to add Cafe Bag's shoulder pad to an old Cafe Bag's strap that doesn't have pad?
  100. Small Cafe Bag Colors
  101. how to get more annex clips?
  102. When did CAFE BAG change from one slide buckle on each side to just one on the strap?
  103. 17" Macbook Pro-HUGE!
  104. Storage for the Bag-o-holic
  105. Which Tom Bihn Brain Cell for a Envy 14
  106. Packing the Synapse
  107. What's the best product in the Tom Bihn line for a small netbook?
  108. Will the laptop fall out of a Cache?
  109. Ristretto Update possible?
  110. Imago Questions
  111. Will 11in MBA fit in Co-Pilot?
  112. Which laptop bag: ID vs. Zephyr vs. Empire Builder
  113. Not a "Key Strap", but a "O-ring Stap"?
  114. Can a (small) light jacket fit in Co-Pilot's side pockets?
  115. Smart Alec color question
  116. Ego Question
  117. Little Swift materials
  118. Ego / Super Ego
  119. Do I Need a Tri-Star?
  120. Recommendation for teacher?
  121. Western Flyer -- backpack straps or no
  122. The Inevitable FJN Questions
  123. Co-pilot inside front pocket of Empire Builder?
  124. Brain Bag or Smart Alec
  125. Co-Pilot question
  126. synapse bag pocket question...
  127. Seat belt buckle- noisy! Any way to overcome?
  128. Ristretto Question
  129. Is the Ristretto in Plum/wasabi a dodo now?
  130. New Clear Quarter Cube Idea in Iberian
  131. Travel Bags - Practical Considerations
  132. Question: how to wear Imago waist strap
  133. Western flyer advice
  134. CAFE BAG - did Navy/Wasabi exist? (M size)
  135. TB Bags and Carrying an LX3
  136. a hook of some sort on the sternum..
  137. Smart Alec or Brain Bag or something else .. help
  138. aeronaut and packing cubes.
  139. GREEN!
  140. IPad and Checkpoint Flyer
  141. 17" Macbook Pro in the ID or Ego
  142. Anyone interested in selling a Q-AM?
  143. Co-pilot in indigo
  144. CoPilot space in main compartment
  145. Sleeves/cases for new Kindle?
  146. Large Cafe in Cocoa/Olive?
  147. Red Oxx Metro in a Tri-Star
  148. Tri-Star/Western Flyer water bottle pocket
  149. Black/Black/Cayenne -- ?
  150. TB Packing Cubes
  151. Using a backpack?
  152. Hauling around a GPS device
  153. Best everyday bag for e-Reader?
  154. Flat, flask style water bottle for Ristretto
  155. Vertical Brain Cell for HP ENVY 17
  156. tristar and what?
  157. Aeronaut, Tristar and the 5kg (11lbs) limit
  158. Dop Kit?
  159. A Ballistic Nylon Brain Bag??
  160. luggage recommendations for a family of 4 traveling to South Asia
  161. Co-Pilot.......a few questions
  162. TB backpacks' top grab handle
  163. Kit and Co-Pilot
  164. Divider for Clear Organizer Pouches
  165. Need help searching for the right bag
  166. What does 'color1/color2' MEAN?
  167. TB Travel Luggage and Colors
  168. Will it fit? Bose headphone case, iPad, insulated H2O
  169. Padded pouch colors
  170. Little Swift Colors?
  171. Ristretto vs. Co-Pilot (as an iPad bag)
  172. Dell Precision M6400 - giant laptop :-(
  173. Aeronaut packing cube backpack in Tri-star
  174. Co-Pilot
  175. Super Ego or Empire Builder?
  176. New Bag advice please!!
  177. Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Section Sizing
  178. Capacity of large organizer pouch
  179. Will the Horizontal 4Z Brain Cell fit in a Brain Bag?
  180. MacBook 13in: Imago?
  181. Synapse shoulder strap clip question
  182. Question re Co-Pilot material
  183. An in-between bag?
  184. Main compartment size, The Empire Builder vs. The Super Ego
  185. Ristretto for iPad fits iPad in Marware Eco-Vue case?
  186. Confused about Smart Alec color.
  187. Brain Bag vs. Tristar
  188. Absolute Shoulder Strap question
  189. Clear Quarter Packing Cube
  190. MCB + ipad cache?
  191. Pouches or Snake Charmer???
  192. Absolute Strap or the Q-Am Strap?
  193. How big is the Super Ego?
  194. Absolute Strap or Q-AM Strap?
  195. Do Packing Cubes only come in Steel?
  196. New to Tom Bihn bags - questions about Tristar and MCB
  197. What bag will best fit my netbook with bulky battery?
  198. Anyone using the Zephyr or the Empire Builder with the iPad?
  199. Tall yarn sack?
  200. co-pilot, back slash pocket size?
  201. 1 Tristar for 2 people?? Plus a few other questions
  202. Regular Ristretto: can it hold MacBook Pro
  203. Brain Bag Questions
  204. Ristretto vs. Ristretto for iPad
  205. Locking the old-style Western Flyer (with cord pulls, not zipper taps)
  206. Plastic hook and 3D Clear Organizer Cube
  207. Absolute shoulder strap color "bleeding" in the summer heat
  208. +1 Personal Item Suggestion
  209. Large Cafe Bag + iPad
  210. Brain Bag hook question
  211. Side Effect in Small Cafe in Western Flyer
  212. Side Effect questions
  213. Recommended Accessories for iPad Ristretto
  214. Mini Brain Cell for iPad?
  215. Ristretto as a camera/camcorder bag??
  216. Will Synapse hold a Vertical Freudian Slip?
  217. Looking for Horizontal Brain Cell Size 4X
  218. Empire Builder
  219. Linen Color
  220. Washable cloth sack for dirty clothes?
  221. I need to buy a new travel bag for longer trips.
  222. Synapse in Dyneema?
  223. Black/Solar?
  224. Recommendations for Personal Item Bag
  225. Request for Ristretto pictures
  226. Wireless keyboard case/sleeve
  227. New Western Flyer Questions
  228. Large organizer meets organizer wallet
  229. Q-AM strap too slippery
  230. iPad Ristretto alternatives
  231. What iPad sleeves and cases still fit in the Ristretto for iPad?
  232. About the strap getting twisted on the cafe bag
  233. Large Cafe Bag for a male.
  234. Can't find the fabric descriptions
  235. Does the current Buzz have a waist strap?
  236. Upcoming Imago Colors?
  237. Brain Bag: dimentions and packing cubes
  238. Buzz ? / ETA On Colors
  239. What strap best for cycling with ID?
  240. Internal dimensions on the Buzz
  241. Small Cafe Bag in Steel/Olive?
  242. Large organizing poach and Synapse
  243. two laptops in checkpoing flyer, empire builder, or zephyr
  244. Silicon waterproofing spray for bags
  245. Cafe bags: small vs medium
  246. Plans to use the new materials for other bags?
  247. 17in laptop in a Western Flyer?
  248. MacBook Pro 13" Unibody vertically in Tri-Star?
  249. Zephyr vs. Ego: Which has more awesomeness?
  250. From old Restretto to new Restretto?