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  1. Brain Bag and Retina 15"
  2. Synapse colours
  3. Aeronaut in Dyneema vs. standard ballistic nylon
  4. Advice on Brain bag
  5. Imago Strap
  6. Clear Quarter Cube or 3d Clear Organizer Cube
  7. Synapse main pocket dimensions
  8. International Customs and Packing Cubes
  9. Backordered Items
  10. If you carry a laptop and an SLR...
  11. Washing my shop bag
  12. ISO Aeronaut with Solar inside
  13. New here. Question about the 200D Dyneema fabric....
  14. Considering an EGO
  15. TriStar for 10 day Trip?
  16. ANY UPDATE ?
  17. Empire Builder and Q-AM SHOULDER STRAP ?
  18. Small or Medium Cafe Bag
  19. horizontal freudian slip and 15/13 cadet
  20. What are those "snaps" inside the Aeronaut?
  21. Any chance for a future "dark burgundy" color for external fabric?
  22. WF in Steel/UV?
  23. Anyone Out There have a Lenovo X220? Which bag do you use?
  24. Brain bag and aeronaut as Carry on
  25. 15/13 Cadet and iPad cadet cache
  26. Organizer Pouches - Anyway to guarantee what color you get?
  27. Quick Help Question re: Super Ego/Plane
  28. Aeronaut, Tri-Star or Western Flyer? Advice needed...
  29. Need some help for the decision: ego or super ego
  30. Getting Ready to Outfit the New iPAD MINI (or whatever it will be called)...
  31. Delivery to the UK - taxes
  32. Super Ego OK as week+ bag?
  33. Bag to carry Air and Wacom?
  34. 13" Ristretto vs. Imago
  35. 13" Macbook Air in Brain Cell 6Z now or 6X later?
  36. Packing the Aeronuat
  37. aeronaut outer colors and dirt/dust
  38. Please explain these bag sizes
  39. Best accompany bag?
  40. Guardian Light impossible to turn on
  41. Is Tri-Star too big for day to day, in town bag??
  42. Business travel set-up, recommendations
  43. Aeronaut, Tri-star, or WF..Oh My!
  44. Opinions: Empire Builder or Western Flyer?
  45. Why do Ristretto and Cafe Bag have a single buckle, and on the side?
  46. Steel Dyneema Co-Pilot
  47. What bag do I need?
  48. MCB or Co-Pilot or Imago? Western Flyer or Synapse?
  49. Can co pilot work as a camera bag
  50. Wet Brain Bag
  51. Ristretto 13" - will it fit my laptop?
  52. Ego Seat Belt Buckle Silencer (Finally)
  53. Best Option for MFT Camera
  54. Asymmetrical flap on Cafe Bags -- functional or aesthetic?
  55. Nook padded OP question
  56. Synapse with a DSLR and an IPad in a Cache
  57. Folders for Co-Pilot
  58. Cafe Bag: Secure the third-leg of Q-AM Strap (and the back slit)
  59. Provide a water bottle attachment to your Cafe Bag
  60. Anyone use the cadet on a bike?
  61. Camera Bag/Everyday Purse?
  62. Adding zipper to Aeronaut
  63. Windbreaker/light rain jacket in dyneema pouch?
  64. Anyone use a Co-Pilot as a purse?
  65. Aeronaut and Synapse to London and Italy
  66. Co-Pilot hooked onto a Brain Bag?
  67. Co-pilot inside a WF?
  68. Am I doing something wrong? LCB + 13"MBP
  69. Will a TS fit my needs
  70. ISO Punch Side Effect
  71. Can I swap buckles on my Super Ego?
  72. Zipper pull thingys
  73. Legal Size in Ego?
  74. Bag revisions
  75. Padded Pouch and Samsung Galaxy S3
  76. Tri-Star in a business meeting?
  77. 13/15 Cadet in Navy/Solar Once Again? Plus Another Question
  78. Q-AM Strap, Bustiness, and Bags
  79. New Ego and the Absolute Strap stitchwork
  80. Citizen Canine question
  81. Bags inside bags
  82. Help! 3 weeks in Europe - trains, planes and no idea what luggage to use
  83. Diaper cube for imago?
  84. Multiple Inserts Bags?
  85. Backpack questions
  86. Advice for setting up my mobile office...
  87. Shop Bag unfortunateness
  88. Medium Cafe Bag
  89. Large packing cube for western flyer (or Tristar)
  90. Cache size
  91. Travel Stuff Sacks vs. Yarn Stuff Sack
  92. How to organize / pack the Synapse Backpack?
  93. Selecting a new computer bag for daily and travel
  94. Cork Swift
  95. How to pack a Smart Alec
  96. Question about the small neoprene-like pockets on the Super Ego
  97. Question about Smart Alec water bottle holder ...
  98. Get extra annex clips with Brain Cell
  99. TriStar or Aeronaut?
  100. Archive for the Field Journal?
  101. packing for work trips?
  102. Western Flyer Pic?
  103. Travel Stuff Sacks vs Packing Cubes
  104. Need advice for trip to Hawaii
  105. Dyneema inside cafe bags?
  106. Smart Alec Material
  107. LCB & Absolute Strap
  108. Breathable Mesh Back
  109. I Might Need a Cafe Bag or Imago
  110. New travel stuff sack sizes relative to other bags
  111. Biting the TB bullet - almost
  112. Laptop Mat
  113. Cayenne
  114. Is a large Cafe Bag right for me?
  115. Horizontal Brain Cell & 17.3" Sony Vaio
  116. How to deal with the Evolution of a Packed Bag on a Trip?
  117. Deciding between Empire Builder and Super Ego
  118. Eagle Creek Packit folder in Bihn Western Flyer
  119. Super Ego zipper pulls?
  120. Bag for 10 days in London/Dublin
  121. Hanging toiletry bags (preferably USA made)
  122. Hanging toiletry bags (preferably USA made)
  123. any bag suggestions for sub saharan africa?
  124. Best fit for the Sony Vaio Z series? (13" Wide x 8.27" D by 0.66" thick)?
  125. Size 3S Vertical Brain Cell
  126. Guardian Light Lanyard?
  127. Indecision
  128. Medium or Large Cafe Bag, What is a person to buy
  129. Poor Durability of "seals" on Smart Alec?
  130. Camera I/O... Super Ego or Ego?
  131. Travel next week: bag + organization advice needed!
  132. Travel Tray vs Yarn Stuff Sack
  133. TB Cadet Cardinal Pictures wanted
  134. citizen canine - ok as a mini-purse?
  135. LCB and Large Organizer Pouch
  136. solar replacement
  137. Tell me about the Cocoa!
  138. Recommendations for toiletry kit for the Tri Star
  139. Effect of humidity on cork fabric?
  140. Copilot VS cadet
  141. Help comparing my old bag to the ID (take 2)
  142. What is the difference between briefcases and messenger bags?
  143. Smart Alec and insert(s)
  144. Recommend a bag/pouch/accessory for tow hitch hardware?
  145. Super Ego and Camera I/O
  146. Synapse, okay for taller folk?
  147. Toting around Otterboxed iPhone 4s in small clear OP
  148. New Colors for Ego?
  149. New Brain Bag - How to use snake charmer & pouches & ...
  150. Brain Bag From 2000
  151. New Thin MacBook Pro announced today - which Brainbag do we use?
  152. how do you carry your laptop when commuting by bike?
  153. Plastic vs metal snap hooks
  154. Smart Alec bag is perfect - I have a question
  155. Camera inserts for Imago?
  156. Dyneema Synapse--Pics?
  157. Packing cube strategies!
  158. Question About Color
  159. How much can I fit in a 15/13 Cadet?
  160. Which bag is right for me?
  161. Picture Needed-- Aeronaut
  162. Another question....this time about o-rings
  163. Hard Shell Case + 11" Macbook Air + Cache = Good Combination?
  164. Passport Pouch with zipper
  165. Synapse or Co-Pilot
  166. cleaning oil stains inside a cafe bag.
  167. Labeling Padded Pouches
  168. Imago colourways?
  169. Size of Brain Bag for everyday use
  170. Large Organizer Pouches and stacks of paper
  171. A "backwards" simple strap?
  172. Question about Ristretto for 13" MBA
  173. Question about the Urethane used
  174. How to: Attach pouches inside an Empire Builder.
  175. Help needed: Brain Cell for use in a Brain Bag
  176. Cache for iPad 3 plus Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover
  177. Just deciding on an Aeronaut (Bundle vs. other packing methods)
  178. Help me justify a Smart Alec purchase :-)
  179. Cadet or Smart Alec?
  180. Backpack Straps or Luggage Handle Pocket?
  181. Ego or Super Ego?
  182. Managed to stain a clear wallet! Help
  183. Projector Case?
  184. Packing Cube backpack for a Brain Bag?
  185. Kindle pouch
  186. Size of Camera I/O
  187. Questions for other extreme light packers
  188. 2 weeks in Taos?
  189. Gym Bag?
  190. Cadet cache: coming how soon?
  191. Request for photos of the Swift & Little Swift Steel/Steel
  192. Organizer pouch choices
  193. Brain Bag and Packing Cubes
  194. Looking for advice on a business bag...
  195. :( Say it ain't so! No more Crimson SCB???
  196. Need Help Selecting a Bag for Music Accessories
  197. Guidance needed: Help met pick the right Tom Bihn bag for my needs
  198. Customer Photos of the New Ristretto?
  199. Ego available in red or blue?
  200. Smart Alec or Western Flyer
  201. Brain bag and airplanes
  202. Small Vs Large Shop Bag (Request for Side by Side Picture)
  203. Silly question: is there an easy way to undo the zipper cord pulls?
  204. Travel laptop bag for 13" MacBook Air do things fall out of the Ristretto?
  205. Ordering an item that is on hold.
  206. Packing Cube Backpack - how useful as a backpack?
  207. Stop the zipper pulls from jingling on my Aeronaut
  208. Problem: Lost or not delivered Tom Bihn package. :(
  209. Capacity of new camera insert
  210. 18 Days in Europe - Tri-Star doable?
  211. Conversion kit to make the Empire Builder a backpack?
  212. Ordering a Synapse - any accessories?
  213. How to recolor bag? (Brainbag)
  214. How much can you store in a 3D Clear Organizer Cube?
  215. Color of clear pouch
  216. Vertical Cache for Macbook Air 11"?
  217. Recommendation Request : Bag for iPad & keyboard, Camera and "Stuff"
  218. Cardinal Co-Pilot no more??
  219. What size Brain Cell?
  220. Need a bag recommendation for a client
  221. Synapse fit questions
  222. Sad about the new Ristretto
  223. Help me decide - Cafe bag or Imago?
  224. New Nook Pouch- will keyboard fit?
  225. Brain Bag Old vs New Design
  226. Will the Ego be made in more colors?
  227. Checkpoint Flyer For Musicians
  228. going wheel-less
  229. Aeronaut under the seat?
  230. SCB with iPad
  231. How "do" you get the waist strap off.
  232. Aeronaut as checked baggage (gulp)
  233. Q about Co-Pilot: Considering for SLR Camera Bag
  234. Looking for advice on a bag so I can stop feeling like a bag person
  235. Pouches in Pouches?
  236. Question about brain cell external pockets
  237. What's the best method to use the packing cubes efficiently?
  238. Is the Western Flyer being repositioned as more of a business bag?
  239. Dimensions of Size 5 Horizontal Cache?
  240. TriStar or Aeronaut?? The decision is making me crazy!!!
  241. Imago for Indigo Swap?
  242. I need some advice
  243. Is my Aeronaut End Packing Cube different?
  244. "Crooked" passport pouch
  245. Brain Bag question for Brain Cell/Freudian Slip users
  246. Any recommendations for packing make-up?
  247. Dyneema Synapse as laptop bag?
  248. Synapse in steel
  249. Will the Tri-Star fit my size 12 men's shoes?
  250. which bag for ipad + large notebook