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  1. Copilot VS cadet
  2. Help comparing my old bag to the ID (take 2)
  3. What is the difference between briefcases and messenger bags?
  4. Smart Alec and insert(s)
  5. Recommend a bag/pouch/accessory for tow hitch hardware?
  6. Super Ego and Camera I/O
  7. Synapse, okay for taller folk?
  8. Toting around Otterboxed iPhone 4s in small clear OP
  9. New Colors for Ego?
  10. New Brain Bag - How to use snake charmer & pouches & ...
  11. Brain Bag From 2000
  12. New Thin MacBook Pro announced today - which Brainbag do we use?
  13. how do you carry your laptop when commuting by bike?
  14. Plastic vs metal snap hooks
  15. Smart Alec bag is perfect - I have a question
  16. Camera inserts for Imago?
  17. Dyneema Synapse--Pics?
  18. Packing cube strategies!
  19. Question About Color
  20. How much can I fit in a 15/13 Cadet?
  21. Which bag is right for me?
  22. Picture Needed-- Aeronaut
  23. Another question....this time about o-rings
  24. Hard Shell Case + 11" Macbook Air + Cache = Good Combination?
  25. Passport Pouch with zipper
  26. Synapse or Co-Pilot
  27. cleaning oil stains inside a cafe bag.
  28. Labeling Padded Pouches
  29. Imago colourways?
  30. Size of Brain Bag for everyday use
  31. Large Organizer Pouches and stacks of paper
  32. A "backwards" simple strap?
  33. Question about Ristretto for 13" MBA
  34. Question about the Urethane used
  35. Help needed: Brain Cell for use in a Brain Bag
  36. Cache for iPad 3 plus Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover
  37. Just deciding on an Aeronaut (Bundle vs. other packing methods)
  38. Help me justify a Smart Alec purchase :-)
  39. Cadet or Smart Alec?
  40. Backpack Straps or Luggage Handle Pocket?
  41. Ego or Super Ego?
  42. Managed to stain a clear wallet! Help
  43. Projector Case?
  44. Packing Cube backpack for a Brain Bag?
  45. Kindle pouch
  46. Size of Camera I/O
  47. Questions for other extreme light packers
  48. 2 weeks in Taos?
  49. Gym Bag?
  50. Cadet cache: coming how soon?
  51. Request for photos of the Swift & Little Swift Steel/Steel
  52. Organizer pouch choices
  53. Brain Bag and Packing Cubes
  54. Looking for advice on a business bag...
  55. :( Say it ain't so! No more Crimson SCB???
  56. Need Help Selecting a Bag for Music Accessories
  57. Guidance needed: Help met pick the right Tom Bihn bag for my needs
  58. Customer Photos of the New Ristretto?
  59. Ego available in red or blue?
  60. Smart Alec or Western Flyer
  61. Brain bag and airplanes
  62. Small Vs Large Shop Bag (Request for Side by Side Picture)
  63. Silly question: is there an easy way to undo the zipper cord pulls?
  64. Travel laptop bag for 13" MacBook Air do things fall out of the Ristretto?
  65. Ordering an item that is on hold.
  66. Packing Cube Backpack - how useful as a backpack?
  67. Problem: Lost or not delivered Tom Bihn package. :(
  68. Capacity of new camera insert
  69. 18 Days in Europe - Tri-Star doable?
  70. Conversion kit to make the Empire Builder a backpack?
  71. Ordering a Synapse - any accessories?
  72. How much can you store in a 3D Clear Organizer Cube?
  73. Color of clear pouch
  74. Vertical Cache for Macbook Air 11"?
  75. Recommendation Request : Bag for iPad & keyboard, Camera and "Stuff"
  76. Cardinal Co-Pilot no more??
  77. What size Brain Cell?
  78. Need a bag recommendation for a client
  79. Synapse fit questions
  80. Sad about the new Ristretto
  81. Help me decide - Cafe bag or Imago?
  82. New Nook Pouch- will keyboard fit?
  83. Brain Bag Old vs New Design
  84. Will the Ego be made in more colors?
  85. Checkpoint Flyer For Musicians
  86. going wheel-less
  87. Aeronaut under the seat?
  88. SCB with iPad
  89. Aeronaut as checked baggage (gulp)
  90. Q about Co-Pilot: Considering for SLR Camera Bag
  91. Looking for advice on a bag so I can stop feeling like a bag person
  92. Pouches in Pouches?
  93. Question about brain cell external pockets
  94. What's the best method to use the packing cubes efficiently?
  95. Is the Western Flyer being repositioned as more of a business bag?
  96. Dimensions of Size 5 Horizontal Cache?
  97. TriStar or Aeronaut?? The decision is making me crazy!!!
  98. Imago for Indigo Swap?
  99. I need some advice
  100. Is my Aeronaut End Packing Cube different?
  101. "Crooked" passport pouch
  102. Brain Bag question for Brain Cell/Freudian Slip users
  103. Any recommendations for packing make-up?
  104. Dyneema Synapse as laptop bag?
  105. Synapse in steel
  106. Will the Tri-Star fit my size 12 men's shoes?
  107. which bag for ipad + large notebook
  108. Synapse color combo?
  109. Longest Trip with Western Flyer
  110. Question: Brain Bag and Aeronaut
  111. Will a Synapse fit Inside an Aeronaut?
  112. Punch?
  113. New ristretto
  114. Questions about the Ristretto for 13" Macbook
  115. Question about the horizontal brain cell and the brain bag
  116. Which single bag best suits my requirements?
  117. PCSB in Solar
  118. Oh no! Co-pilot stock. Color ?
  119. Which strap for my new Super Igo???
  120. Brain Bag or Synapse
  121. Ristretto or co-pilot
  122. Aeronaut + Ristretto + Shop Bag for 14 day Europe Trip?
  123. Indigo Cafe Bags?
  124. Questions for owners of Synapse AND Co-Pilot
  125. Dimension of Size 5 Horizontal Cache
  126. Tri-star or Western Flyer
  127. Synapse and 15" Lenovo Thinkpad x300
  128. Size of empty packing cubes?
  129. Future of Navy/Iberian color combination in TB bags?
  130. Western Flyer- backpack straps or rollerboard option?
  131. Name and Information in TB Bags
  132. Problems with Aeronaut as Carry-On
  133. Field Journal Notebook o-rings
  134. Off the wall: but wondering about using Citizen Canine as a camera bag
  135. Brain Bag
  136. Co-Pilot With iPad & Apple Wireless Keyboard?
  137. Traveling Imago (try it for FREE) **this is not spam**
  138. PCSB in a LS or Swift?
  139. What are the chances of a larger Synapse coming out?
  140. Compatibility of the Clear Quarter Packing Cube and the Weatern Flyer
  141. Please comment on your co-pilot
  142. Ristretto vs. Large Cafe Bag
  143. So many bags to choose from, so little time!
  144. Strap on Large Cafe Bag?
  145. Which wallet to choose?
  146. Large Cafe Bag or Swift?
  147. 2012 Wish List
  148. Synapse, Brain Bag, Smart Alec, oh my
  149. So Many Bags to Choose From.. Help
  150. New Brain Bag Update, too???
  151. What fits in the Ristretto?
  152. Packing cube for Brain Bag
  153. Grays Harbor paper
  154. Another request for help from our archivists
  155. What is needed to be able to switch absolute strap between Super Ego and Aeronaut?
  156. How Big is Too Big - Ego/Super Ego
  157. Super Ego vs. Brain Bag
  158. larger bags and their colors
  159. Brain Cell sizing
  160. Any updates on upcoming 2012 Cafe Bag color combos?
  161. The Ristretto has been updated
  162. Speak to me (the crazy lady) of the Cadet
  163. Request for help from our archivists (or, "Name that Color!")
  164. Fare thee well, snaphook!
  165. Id or Zephyr?
  166. Packing an Aeronaut vs. packing a TriStar
  167. Cadet 11" MacBook Air Question
  168. seeking Trade for my Steel/Cork Imago with Absolute Strap
  169. I need a new Dog Show Bag! (Imago, LCB, MCB?)
  170. Shorter key straps?
  171. Hose Clip/Hook
  172. How do I clean my cork bag?
  173. Lenovo T420 w/9 cell bat, brain cell fit questions
  174. Smart Alec + Breve?
  175. basic kindle pouch?
  176. Question/pictures about Linen/Steel CB? MCB vs. SCB?
  177. Breve in Large Cafe Bag
  178. What can fit into a Breve
  179. Medium or Large
  180. Cafe Bags, back, front or side?
  181. Co-Pilot Lining question
  182. What products come in Turquoise?
  183. Wondering about Kindle pouch for another purpose...
  184. Large Cafe Bag interior organisation
  185. Squeaky Ristretto hinges?
  186. Zipper on Kindle Pouches?
  187. Any new colors for Western Flyer?
  188. Picture of Black/Steel color combination?
  189. Unloaded Synapse measurements/dimensions?
  190. Which side of the Ultrasuede Cloth?
  191. Fit Guide for laptop (laptop not on it)
  192. Synapse question...
  193. Ego - laptop fit and 0-rings.
  194. Ordered my first Aeronaut!
  195. Cordura vs Nylon
  196. Aeronaut Packing Technique
  197. Swift Request!
  198. Question from an old timer: brain bag/aeronautic combo for travel?
  199. How Bright is Iberian??
  200. Small Cadet vs Co-Pilot?
  201. Will the Aeronaut work well if it's not fully packed?
  202. Bag Crease
  203. Swift or Little Swift? And questions about cork fabric
  204. Synapse zipper...
  205. Cu. in. I has confused?
  206. Cache for Apple Wireless Keyboard
  207. Size 1 cache or brain cell for Ego?
  208. What is everyone using for their 15" MacBook Pro? Would like a Ristretto this size...
  209. small shop bag in solar?
  210. My Synapse Won't Stand Up
  211. Need a squishy bag that unsquishes nicely
  212. Female business traveler woes
  213. Medium Cafe Bag
  214. Picture request: Co-pilot and Ristretto for iPad
  215. Organizer Wallet as a First Aid Kit???
  216. A4 paper in Co-Pilot?
  217. Cadet vs Ristretto for MBA 13 - which one?
  218. Cache for 7" tablets?
  219. Guardian dual-function light -- anyone used it for sea kayaking?
  220. Question about TB backpack shoulder straps
  221. Steel or black Co-Pilot? Help!
  222. Question on Vertical Bags - Cafe & Ristretto
  223. ID or Ego?
  224. Aeronaut--"O" rings
  225. Ristretto internal sizes - 13" Mac in 11" bag?
  226. Question for Aeronaut owners
  227. Navy and Navy, or Navy and Forest?
  228. synapse question
  229. Side pockets (like those on the Imago) for Medium Cafe Bags?
  230. Aeronaut....bigger...maybe 60L?
  231. Checkpoint Flyer with MacBook Air 11-inch
  232. Ristretto and Pickpockets
  233. Smartphone/iPhone Organizer Wallet?
  234. Suggestions for a Tom Bihn gym bag?
  235. Question re: Aeronaut / Western Traveller / Tristar Capacities w/ Cubes
  236. Brain Bag and Horizontal Brain Cell
  237. Ristretto
  238. Western Flyer and rolling luggage handle
  239. Tristar: bag within a bag
  240. Checkpoint Flyer question
  241. Synapse colors
  242. Smart Alec for shorties
  243. Storage for MAHA Battery Charger
  244. Large Cafe bag & strap
  245. Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle
  246. "2-in-1 bag" solution: carrying a slim laptop bag inside of the Tri-star?
  247. What size Cordura organizer pouch to hold a US Passport ?
  248. Brain Bag question
  249. Western flyer colors
  250. Any chance for a skinnier strap?