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  1. Tri-Star & Macbook Air 11.6"
  2. Tri-Star: Briefcase?
  3. Will a 17" MacBook Pro fit into the Synapse 25?
  4. Ristretto vs. Cafe Bag
  5. Modular pockets used in a non-traditional way?
  6. Tom Bihn RFID Wallet
  7. Aeronaut + Ideas for a 5 week Vacation
  8. Packing Cube Backpack - How compact?
  9. What to do with Synapse inner pocket?
  10. Cafe Bag Quandary
  11. Backpack or messenger bag for college student
  12. Small Cafe Bag Colors
  13. Steel Dyneema/Ultraviolet Tri-Star and/or Aeronaut??
  14. Various Backpack Straps
  15. Desire says Brain Bag; Common Sense says Smart Alec
  16. Medium Cafe Bag for Wife - Need Color Opinion
  17. Is it possible to use the Smart Alec Lower Pocket as a stand alone water bottle
  18. Synapse 25 Accessorizing and organizing
  19. Question about zippers
  20. Aeronaut on a short person?
  21. RFID Blocking Passport Pouch
  22. Synapse 25 Question
  23. What Happened to the Steel Dyneema / Steel Dyneema Combination for the Small Cafe Bag
  24. Synapse 25 / Under Airplane Seat?
  25. Synapse 25 Question
  26. Synapse 25: Does a 32oz Nalgene Bottle with CapCap Fit
  27. Cache with rails for non-Apples?
  28. Remove and reuse cord zipper pulls
  29. Aeronaut or Tristar for short woman on 6 week trip
  30. Resistance to pet hair
  31. Which bags did these come with?
  32. Best colors re. Dirt
  33. How would I lock a Smart Alec backpack?
  34. Deciding on a Tri-Star
  35. is there any justification for a western flyer AND an aeronaut?
  36. 3D Organizer Cube
  37. Confession: I don't think I *want* to one-bag it for business travel...
  38. Imago Buckle Strap
  39. Need recommendation for carry-on bag
  40. How does the steel dyneema *really* look like?
  41. New logo text
  42. Aeronaut vs TriStar when partially full
  43. Large Cafe Bag or Imago
  44. Tri-Star buckle in the back
  45. Packing Cube For An Ego
  46. Why does Dyneema always have lines?
  47. Some questions please to help me narrow down the right bag
  48. Packing Cube Shoulder Bag and Synapse
  49. Batteries for the Guardian light
  50. Zephyr as camera bag?
  51. Aeronaut question
  52. Does the steel dyneema become dirty easily?
  53. Backordered Synapse 19 - will they return as the updated model?
  54. Aeronaut vs Voyageur when partially full
  55. Where to go from Checkpoint Flyer
  56. Heads-up: Will be posting a bunch of TB items on eBay for charity
  57. EDC Suggestions with a caveat
  58. Franklin Covey Filler in Field Journal
  59. rails for other bags? brain cell with rails?
  60. Can I wear Large Cafe Bag as Backwards Messenger Bag?
  61. Availability
  62. Brain Bag: It's almost... *too* big!
  63. Cache for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?
  64. Co-pilot Question
  65. Medium Cafe Bag
  66. Which pouches can fit the Dodocase Hardcover Solid for iPad mini?
  67. Daypack: Smart Alec, Synapse, or wait for (larger) Son of Synapse??
  68. Request to purchase 5/8 shoulder strap and camera I/O dividers to accessories purchas
  69. Shortlisted to a Western Flyer or Tri-Star (or other...)
  70. Tag on back of Co-Pilot
  71. Size Difference Between Western Flyer and Tri-Star
  72. Upgrading from Western Flyer to TriStar. Question on cubes.
  73. Backpack for daily commuting?
  74. Braincell for Padfone 2
  75. accessories for smart alec or new synapse
  76. sticky strap.
  77. Aeronaut PCBP Question
  78. Packing cube materials question.
  79. Ristretto 11 inch MBA - Original or New Design
  80. Freudian slips in dyneema?
  81. 3D Clear/Mesh Organizer Cubes in 200d Dyneema?
  82. Pocket Pouch question
  83. iPad Mini protective case
  84. Co-Pilot questions
  85. What needed for MacBookAir13+MacBook Retina15+ThinkpadW701+DellE6330 in Brain Bag
  86. Smart Alec or Synapse, trying to decide
  87. smart alec pocket weights
  88. Aeronaut - a road trip bag?
  89. Sony RX-100 in cell phone pockets
  90. So overwhelmed...what should I get?
  91. Avoiding Gate Checking
  92. Aeronaut Color - Help me please
  93. When did the SuperEgo lose its Seat Belt Clip?
  94. Packed depth of Western Flyer
  95. New to TB - Aeronaut color help and question about bag quality.
  96. Packing cubes- TriStar vs Aeronaut
  97. Recommendation for SurfacePRO slate / tablet
  98. Brain Bag colors?
  99. Water Resistance of 400d Dyneema Bags
  100. Mold on and inside my LCB & Brain Bag :(
  101. Western Flyer or Tristar for a petite female?
  102. Do you have an Imago? Thinking of getting one.
  103. Will a Co-pilot work for me?
  104. Synapse and what organizers and Dyneema stain resistance?
  105. Gate keepers with Upper Pocket?
  106. Checkpoint Flyer sizes?
  107. Freudian Slip meets Cadet?
  108. Bag Size Flight Limitations - Aeronaut and Western Flyer/Tri-Star
  109. Brain Bag in Dyneema???
  110. Medium Cafe Bag and Strap Adjustment--help please??
  111. I bought a Brain Cell which was too big :-(
  112. Synapse - bottom pocket
  113. Decisions, decisions - laptop bag
  114. Aeronaut Snaps?
  115. Checkpoint Flyer questions
  116. Small vs Medium Cafe Bags
  117. Help with Ego
  118. Imago with a Water Bottle Pocket = ID?
  119. Which Ristretto?
  120. Can you name this Tom Bihn bag?
  121. Co-Pilot Fabric Choices
  122. Super Ego strap question
  123. Western Flyer internal pockets what?!?
  124. How well does the Pocket Pouch work with the iPhone 5 and the Apple Magic Mouse?
  125. Looking For Bag Recomendation
  126. Is the Utility Strap the same as the one that comes with the Guardian Light?
  127. Any Long Term Use trouble with Absolute Comfort Strap?
  128. Challenge: Help Me Find My Perfect Minimalist RTW Bag
  129. Empire Builder Weight
  130. Everyday bag for Laptop AND DSLR?
  131. Cadet now wider at 4.5"?
  132. Any really good quality pictrures of Fabric Color Combinations?
  133. Dyneema packing cube backpack question
  134. A Question About Volume
  135. The Aeronaut and the Brain Bag
  136. Recommendations for a world adventure!
  137. Swift in ballistic vs. dyneema
  138. Small Cafe Bag & Western Flyer Question
  139. Synapse as a small Ski backpack
  140. What happened to the Aeronaut solar?
  141. What happened to the Aeronaut solar?
  142. Thinking about getting a Cafe Bag
  143. Smart Alec under seat / 2 bag with Aeronaut
  144. Q-AM Strap Buckle Removal
  145. Horizontal Brain Cell in Western Flyer?
  146. Q-AM Shoulder Strap Buckle
  147. Is there a hemp organizer pouch opption?
  148. Camera Bag Recommendation...
  149. Help me pick an Aeronaut color!
  150. Kindle Paperwhite - cache or padded pouch
  151. Recommendation for use as Gym Bag
  152. More than one question
  153. Cadet or Smart Alec - For use with Western Flyer?
  154. Tom Bihn Cafe Bag Messenger Stabilizer
  155. Newbie question: Ego, Id or Zephyr?
  156. Question About Freudian Slip
  157. Larger Synapse
  158. PCSB
  159. Bag storage
  160. Ideas for Binoculars!
  161. Hemp?
  162. Interior of Aubergine Imago?
  163. Computer ideas for Western Flyer
  164. iPhone 5 & Imago
  165. Nexus 10 and Cache
  166. Small Gripe about Zipper Pulls (Cadet)
  167. Debating an Aeronaut
  168. Cafe Bag strap change?
  169. Cadet 13/15 or 11 advice
  170. Recommendation for 1) iPad 2) 13 inch Macbook Air and 3) 40 oz water
  171. Synapse or Smart Alec?!?!?
  172. Aeronaut on Iberia airlines
  173. Alternate interior colours?
  174. Which cube?
  175. Aeronaut on Iberia airlines
  176. How do you use the bottom front pocket of the Synapse?
  177. Wanted: The Buzz in Different Color Combos
  178. iPad Cadet or Wait for the Rumored Larger Co-pilot
  179. Tic Tac containers in a ballistic pencil pouch?
  180. LS color selection, fabric choice
  181. Citizen Canine phone pocket
  182. Strap length on Cafe bags...
  183. Nordic dyneema shop bag
  184. Ballpoint pen mark on Platinum Padded Pouch! Remedies please.
  185. Picture of Plum or Indigo Brain Bag?
  186. Stuff Sack Advice
  187. Bag construction better in non-rush times? (eg. Not around Christmas?)
  188. Whistle sizing
  189. The zipper dilemma
  190. Ristretto 13" and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
  191. Recommendation for an Asus Transformer in a Brainbag
  192. Question about dyneema colors in TB travel luggage
  193. ISO - Co-Pilot in Steel (prefer Solar Dyneema interior, but open to others)
  194. "Personal Item" Recommendations....
  195. Brain Bag and Retina 15"
  196. Synapse colours
  197. Aeronaut in Dyneema vs. standard ballistic nylon
  198. Advice on Brain bag
  199. Imago Strap
  200. Clear Quarter Cube or 3d Clear Organizer Cube
  201. Synapse main pocket dimensions
  202. International Customs and Packing Cubes
  203. Backordered Items
  204. If you carry a laptop and an SLR...
  205. Washing my shop bag
  206. ISO Aeronaut with Solar inside
  207. New here. Question about the 200D Dyneema fabric....
  208. Considering an EGO
  209. TriStar for 10 day Trip?
  210. ANY UPDATE ?
  211. Empire Builder and Q-AM SHOULDER STRAP ?
  212. Small or Medium Cafe Bag
  213. horizontal freudian slip and 15/13 cadet
  214. What are those "snaps" inside the Aeronaut?
  215. Any chance for a future "dark burgundy" color for external fabric?
  216. WF in Steel/UV?
  217. Anyone Out There have a Lenovo X220? Which bag do you use?
  218. Brain bag and aeronaut as Carry on
  219. 15/13 Cadet and iPad cadet cache
  220. Organizer Pouches - Anyway to guarantee what color you get?
  221. Quick Help Question re: Super Ego/Plane
  222. Aeronaut, Tri-Star or Western Flyer? Advice needed...
  223. Need some help for the decision: ego or super ego
  224. Getting Ready to Outfit the New iPAD MINI (or whatever it will be called)...
  225. Delivery to the UK - taxes
  226. Super Ego OK as week+ bag?
  227. Bag to carry Air and Wacom?
  228. 13" Ristretto vs. Imago
  229. 13" Macbook Air in Brain Cell 6Z now or 6X later?
  230. Packing the Aeronuat
  231. aeronaut outer colors and dirt/dust
  232. Please explain these bag sizes
  233. Best accompany bag?
  234. Guardian Light impossible to turn on
  235. Is Tri-Star too big for day to day, in town bag??
  236. Business travel set-up, recommendations
  237. Aeronaut, Tri-star, or WF..Oh My!
  238. Opinions: Empire Builder or Western Flyer?
  239. Why do Ristretto and Cafe Bag have a single buckle, and on the side?
  240. Steel Dyneema Co-Pilot
  241. What bag do I need?
  242. MCB or Co-Pilot or Imago? Western Flyer or Synapse?
  243. Can co pilot work as a camera bag
  244. Wet Brain Bag
  245. Ristretto 13" - will it fit my laptop?
  246. Best Option for MFT Camera
  247. Asymmetrical flap on Cafe Bags -- functional or aesthetic?
  248. Nook padded OP question
  249. Synapse with a DSLR and an IPad in a Cache
  250. Folders for Co-Pilot