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  1. Passport pouch as money belt?
  2. Synapse 25 for a uni student?
  3. Recommendation for Massage Therapist: Synapse 19 or 25?
  4. What are your favorite accessories?
  5. Synapse 19 help
  6. Pygmy Falcon II vs Synapse 19 or 25?
  7. Cordura Cleaning/Care Question - Super Glue Removal
  8. Aeronaut 30 vs 45 for a small girl
  9. Best way to pack workout shoes in Tri-Star?
  10. Has Anyone Else Noticed?
  11. Aeronaut 30 Interior
  12. Brain Cell in a WF
  13. Question about pilot/co-pilot
  14. Looking for a few recommendations for laundry and toiletry bags.
  15. aeronaut 30 or 45 or Tristar??
  16. 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina and BrainBag/Ego/SuperEgo
  17. Synapse 25 Strap Location
  18. Tom Bihn & the NFL
  19. Laptop in between cache sizes
  20. Where's the Field Journal love?
  21. RFID blocking passport pouch
  22. PacSafe
  23. Packing Cube Aeronaut & Vertical Freudian Slip Modification
  24. Id coming back?
  25. Experience using the Swift as a briefcase?
  26. Do I need new packing cubes for Aeronaut 30?
  27. Anyone figure out how to securely have a brainbag on top of a rollaboard case?
  28. Accessory bag for laptop bits
  29. First TB bag: Pilot or larger?
  30. Co-Pilot inside of another bag
  31. Question About Western Flyer
  32. Freudian Slip in Daylight Backpack?
  33. Shop bag for air travel
  34. What's new in the world of Parapack?
  35. ideal setup for three-day commutes ?
  36. Aeronaut 30 size questions
  37. Does the A30 fit under the seat on planes?
  38. Lunch box ideas for S25
  39. Price Increase Question
  40. Which bags are right for me?
  41. Which Cache will accomodate the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro?
  42. Anyone using (2) caches with a Synapse?
  43. Daylight Backpack: Cordura version weight?
  44. Lunch Bag recommendations
  45. Stage Manager in need of some help
  46. Need advice for my next computer bag
  47. Buy the current Aeronaut 45 or wait for the new version?
  48. Absolute shoulder straps
  49. What do ppl use for DOPP bags
  50. Keeping yourself clean while using the aeronaut
  51. 40 oz. Hydro Flask in a Synapse 25?
  52. Has anyone permanently removed the Backstraps?
  53. What color Pilot should I order?
  54. Hydroflask 40 in a Pilot?
  55. Brain Cell plus SleeveCase
  56. Which cache for Microsoft Surface Pro 3?
  57. Does the Ristretto 'Loosen Up'?
  58. 13" MBA fit into an LCB?
  59. Question For "Pilot" Users Who Are Frequent Travelers.
  60. Color-question: Linen vs. Night Flight deviders
  61. Spare drawcord for a Travel Tray?
  62. Books in Bags - or - Protecting your Paperbacks
  63. Cordera vs. Dyneema
  64. Master Size Chart
  65. personal item for spirit air
  66. co pilot as camera bag?
  67. bose QC 15 and ipad in co-pilot
  68. Relative weights of cordura , dyneema, parapack and ballistic
  69. How does everyone access their phone when carrying a backpack?
  70. Yarn stuff sacks vs Travel stuff sacks
  71. Brain Cell size 3S compared to 6X?
  72. Night Flight
  73. Inside-Out Cafe Bags?
  74. Ultraviolet Synapse?!?!
  75. Small/Large Shop Bag with Vertical Brain Cell Size 1
  76. Ride along Synapse
  77. How do you organize your Packing-Cubes?
  78. Large double organizer pouch
  79. 0.16 Clear Urethane Discoloration
  80. Need advice....Synapse 25 or 19?
  81. Green/Cork/Something Imago?
  82. How to shop for a used backpack?
  83. Does Tri-Star typically pass as personal carry-on item?
  84. Waist straps - any difference between Ristretto and MCB?
  85. Synapse 19 for hiking (attaching items to the outide?)
  86. Pictures of Steel/UV and Aubergine/Wasabi
  87. Ristretto 13" + Side Effect?
  88. Synapse 19 colour vote
  89. Egad! Lipstick on Cordura - any tips?
  90. Coyote Aeronauts? Any pictures?
  91. New Brain Bag updated to $190, with great Burnt Orange
  92. Laptop bag within Aeronaut
  93. Can we have a conversation about colors?
  94. Western Flyer
  95. Do Aubergine and Plum Go Together?
  96. iPad cache for Air + keyboard
  97. Attach extra o-rings
  98. Curious about the LCB
  99. Packing Cube Backpack in a Smart Alec
  100. Aeronaut 30 and Daylight Packpack
  101. Does the Synapse 25 hold a backpack packing cube?
  102. Could Daylight be suitable for elementary school backpack?
  103. Rain jacket in Large YSS
  104. Dyneema-like material?
  105. 3DCOC in Iberian?
  106. Validate my Assumptions? Regular Week-long Business Trip Bags (Synapse 25, Tri-star)
  107. Any Photos of the plum Brain Bag?
  108. LCB as PCMB substitute?
  109. Must have accessories for Co-Pilot
  110. Overpack an Aeronaut
  111. Lead's Pocket: Annex Clip at Brain Cell (Vertical) Size 1 or (Horizontal) M2
  112. Bag Names
  113. 1-3 day business travel choice - Aeronaut 30,45, or possibly Synapse 25?
  114. Padded Organizational Divider Set
  115. Photo Request - Olive
  116. Aeronaut 30/45 or Tristar
  117. I need a good general use bag with specific needs
  118. How to clean my bag - failing airport explosives trace detection
  119. Combinations with the Daylight Backpack
  120. Dyneema - ever see threads poking through?
  121. Tristar and one bag travel:
  122. Better travel bag backpack straps
  123. Daylight Backpack. Could Brain Cell fit?
  124. Tristar and Night flight
  125. Questions for those with the dyneema AERONAUT 45
  126. Dimension of Night Flight not fully specified on product page
  127. How to attach a tripod to the Aeronaut 30?
  128. Two of a kind?
  129. Swift for quilters?
  130. Help! Lost half of sternum strap while traveling
  131. Eagle Creek folder for Tri-star?
  132. Aeronaut 30 vs Tri-Star
  133. Ego Stripe Colour
  134. Packing cube sizes for the A30 vs A45?
  135. Aeronaut 30 colors?
  136. Daylight Backpack suitable for kids?
  137. The new laundry bag looks awesome!!
  138. Bag Selection for Upcoming Trip
  139. Keeping dust out of pen pockets?
  140. Guardian Light: Submersible?
  141. Cache for Surface Pro 3
  142. Saltwater versus Synapse
  143. Cleaning Clear Organizer Cubes
  144. swift: ideas for an insert for computer?
  145. Locking zippers together?
  146. Opinions about purchasing a Packing Cube Backpack
  147. Folder for A4 papers in a Swift?
  148. Tom Bihn Tags and Patches
  149. Parapack: does it hold up over time comported to Cordura and Dyneema
  150. 3D Mesh & Clear Organizer Cubes - materials
  151. Confused about Aeronaut material options
  152. Organiser wallet colours
  153. Ego vs Super Ego
  154. Tom Bihn System for mixed Business travel
  155. Synapse Starter Kit
  156. Brain Cell question
  157. Does Nook Tablet pouch fit an iPad Mini?
  158. Tri-star - does it fit extra shoes? And color help.
  159. Need help to fine tune my “TB Capsule Travel Set”!
  160. Western Flyer or Tri-Star?
  161. TriStar and Little Swift on RyanAir?
  162. Pilot and Saddleback Leather Big Leather Wallet
  163. question about materials - when is it parapack?
  164. Two questions about the Western Flyer
  165. Upper Modular Pocket as a "Side Effect"
  166. Colors of the Zephyr?
  167. Founder's Briefcase Packing Wedge
  168. Pilot Small PC
  169. Need help deciding color for Tri-star
  170. Nordic SE fraying
  171. Brain Bag + laptop questions
  172. How to remove gatekeeper clips for waist strap?
  173. Packing Cube question: Tri-Star vs. Western Flyer
  174. Synapse Pocket Sizes
  175. Ristretto 11'' Inside of a Smart Alec? (Pictures Requested)
  176. Pulling a laptop out of a synapse 25
  177. Dyneema 200d v 400d - How to tell the difference?
  178. Can a Bihn Backpack Diehard?
  179. improvments
  180. Wear and tear on "upside-down" zipper?
  181. Synapse 19 dyneema - inside aeronaut for destination bag
  182. Co-Pilot Waist-Strap Hack
  183. Requesting more reviews of the Ego
  184. Super Ego as a Diaper Bag
  185. Synapse 25 vs. Smart Alec for laptop and mirrorless camera system
  186. Large Cafe Bag as Packing Cube in Aeronaut?
  187. Laptop Briefcase in a Tri-Star
  188. Pen pockets for the Side Effect
  189. Synapse 25 - Fitting 15"-Diameter Watercolor Palette Inside the Main Compartment
  190. camera bags? when
  191. Guide's Pack padded hip belt?
  192. SCB or MCB for sightseeing? (or another bag?)
  193. How do you use your multiples?
  194. Pictures of Dyneema LCB?
  195. Q-AM Strap and Pilot / CoPilot
  196. How easy is it to keep Linen clean?
  197. Can't keep the front flap strap tightened on my SCB
  198. Question about zipper placement on Pouches
  199. Pack that backpack flat, Jack
  200. Locking zips
  201. Black vs Colored Cordura
  202. Nordic/Solar Dyneema or Linen/Navy Cordura for a large cafe bag
  203. Luggage tags for your TB bag?
  204. Field Journal Notebook questions - paper, accessories, etc.
  205. Turn around time for bag repairs?
  206. Co-pilot for text books?
  207. Cordura for toiletries?
  208. "purse issues" and questions from a fashion failure
  209. Questions about Tri-Star before I pull the trigger
  210. Co-Pilot velcro patch panel
  211. Does the 3-D Clear Organizer Cube Stay Clear?
  212. ego vs super ego vs ID as camera bag with insert
  213. Founder's Briefcase in Tristar?
  214. Smart Alec interior dimensions for a camera insert?
  215. Dyneema vs Cordura -- outdoor use
  216. Guardian light on Ristretto.
  217. Good ways to label organizer pouches
  218. Question about Synapse and Cache - Security Checkpoint
  219. Tristar and a Day Laptop Bag
  220. Ristretto sizes compared to Cafe Bags?
  221. Where can I buy this part?
  222. Is the 3D Clear Organizer Cube leakproof?
  223. Choosing a Cache for Synapse 25 and Tri-Star
  224. Two Bag trave with backpacks onley?
  225. Smart Alec or S25?
  226. What's in your stuff sack?
  227. Question for UK members only, re deliveries
  228. Brain Bag and accessories
  229. Pilot Dimensions
  230. Tell me whether I need a Synapse? and which one? :)
  231. Co-pilot internal dimensions
  232. Small Cafe Bag for a 5 year old girl?
  233. Best bag for weekend travel?
  234. Affixing lanyard onto guardian light
  235. 3D Fabric Organizer Cube
  236. Backpack with built-in compartment for a 13" Macbook Pro?
  237. Has anyone had issues with the zippers on the double organizer pouch?
  238. shoes in an Aeronaut?
  239. Will it fit
  240. question about Aeronaut backpack straps
  241. Two bag travel?
  242. Cache for 13" MacBook Pro and MacBook Air?
  243. Do light color Cordura fabrics pick up dye?
  244. What fits my laptop?
  245. Effect of chlorine on Dyneema
  246. Founders Briefcase and Field Journal
  247. Synapse 25 size question
  248. Bob Boardman's "Aeronauts in Italy"
  249. How to carry six passports?
  250. Damaged New Smart Alec :(