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  1. Ego vs. Synapse 19 - my thoughts
  2. 3D organizer cube goes first class
  3. Just TOO BIG!
  4. Brain Bag Review: 4 nights of clothes + equipment for a mobile dev
  5. sweaty using dyneema backpack
  6. Fabric choices and ordering
  7. I love my Pocket Pouch (Synapse)
  8. Night Fever!
  9. Very happy with my A30!
  10. A virgin no more...
  11. My Synapse 19 got caught in a hangar door
  12. Aubergine A30 beautiful but...
  13. Brief Aeronaut 30 review
  14. Shop Bag convert
  15. Work-Gym Brain Bag
  16. 3D FABRIC ORGANIZER CUBE: get the shoulder strap: love it.
  17. Synapse 25 - Not the bag for me
  18. It's official: I am in love with the Aeronaut 30
  19. Lil' ol' A30 of mine (or, first impressions...)
  20. Ego & Co-pilot First Thoughts
  21. Aeronaut 45, Brain Cell: Vertical Size 1 & Horizontal M2
  22. Aeronaut travels to Greece
  23. Brain Bag: 2 week trip to Italy
  24. The Tri-Star saved me in Indonesia!
  25. 6 Days, 5 Nights, 3 Hotels; My second trip with a Tri-Star
  26. More love on my Side Effect
  27. My new Aeronaut in Nordic
  28. My First Bihn Bag - Visit to the Tom Bihn Showroom
  29. Review of First Bag: Synapse 19[Black Codura /Wasabi]
  30. I just love my new Side Effect
  31. An All-Dyneema trip cross-country
  32. Accessories - thank you
  33. 2 Aeronauts, 1 Synapse 25, misc other TB items go to Italy
  34. Just got my Pilot!
  35. Work trip with Smart Alec and Pilot
  36. Three trips with an Aeronaut
  37. The Snake Charmer - Fully Loaded
  38. Smart Alec - EDC, Canyonlands, and the California Zephyr
  39. Small Double Zipper Organizer Pouch is Great Travel Wallet
  40. My Pilot
  41. SCB vs. MCB - my experience
  42. Aeronaut, Synapse 25, and Medium Cafe Bag in Germany
  43. To DC and back with a Pilot and a Synapse 25
  44. Pilot- First week on the job!
  45. Another Aeronaut first timer
  46. First trip with my first bag, an Aeronaut
  47. Smart Alec and Side Effect go on a Humanitarian mission to Haiti
  48. Aeronaut - first impressions!
  49. My first bag just arrived! A Little Swift!
  50. Synapse 25 and Cache with Rails review
  51. To Vegas and Back with a Pilot and a Smart Alec
  52. One Week With the Smart Alec : Thoughts, Questions, and General SA/TB Talk
  53. Nordic Synapse 25 --- Round 2
  54. Synapse 19 - inaugural voyage
  55. Synapse 19 vs rain storm in Walt Disney World
  56. Pilot Thoughts
  57. An Aeronaut for Iceland?
  58. Western Flyer Part II: The Conference
  59. Western Flyer, Part I: The First Week
  60. Synapse 25
  61. I love the Parapack material on my new Meduim Cafe Bag
  62. Introduction Letter to my Pilot
  63. Pilot
  64. The MCB is tough....
  65. Tristar in dash 8-100 overhead bins
  66. Congratulations TB S25 FTW! Carryology voters chose as #1!
  67. Co-Pilot Review: I made a video!
  68. Full review of the Tri-Star:
  69. Pilot
  70. Love letter to my S25
  71. Reviewing the Smart Alec as a laptop bag
  72. my smart alec review...
  73. Packing Cube as Clothing Storage
  74. Side Effect is a good match for iPad mini
  75. Co-Pilot works great with all iPads
  76. Founders Briefcase - 1st Impressions
  77. Passport holder can be a phone holder, too!
  78. Open letter re Brain Bag
  79. 3 Days/3 Trips to the Mothership or WF vs. BB+LCB vs. Syn25 + LCB
  80. Small Cafe Bag in 420d Parapack
  81. Travel tray: the understated rock star
  82. Cadet inside a Tri-Star
  83. A brief (?) review of the Founder's Briefcase
  84. Trip Report: Aeronaut and Brain Bag
  85. BFFs: Synapse 25 & Western Flyer
  86. Aeronaut and Co-Pilot Review
  87. Ristretto for iPad woes
  88. One year with the Aeronaut Über-duffel!
  89. Initial review of the Tristar:
  90. Lead's Pocket Comparison Photos
  91. Guides Pack out in the wild
  92. Initial Impressions of Updated Large Cafe Bag
  93. Initial impressions after just receiving my Guides Pack!
  94. Synapse 19 or 25 for WDW Trip... Need help
  95. 3D Cubes in Clear, Dyneema, and new Parapack; And, a Comparative Study
  96. Finally! My formal review of the Synapse 19!
  97. CoPilot O-ring Quirk/Annoyance
  98. Large clear pouch is not working for me.
  99. Waited too long to get a shop bag
  100. Synapse 25 = awesome
  101. Cheating on my Tom Bihn bags...with my packing cubes
  102. Tri-Star advantages
  103. Empire Builder -- first impressions (with photos)
  104. Side Effect + S-Biners as seat pocket bag
  105. Found:Co-Pilot Review
  106. Loving my new Western Flyer!
  107. CoPilot EDC suggestion
  108. Aeronaut packing cube backpack - first time use
  109. Western Flyer - Long Haul Carry On
  110. Synapse 25 for work
  111. Synapse 25 - Perfect!
  112. My first trip with Tri-Star and Co-Pilot
  113. Cache for Apple Air
  114. Synapse 25 Suggestion
  115. Review of Ristretto for 11" MacBook Air
  116. My review of the Ristretto for 11" MacBook Air
  117. Synapse 25: The Maiden Voyage
  118. IMHO I just found a serious flaw in the Synapse 25 :(
  119. My Top 5 Tom Bihn Bags
  120. Review of the Tri-power Safety Whistle
  121. Ristretto 13" review/sizing
  122. Balanced-challenged Professor and her Synapse 25
  123. Who says short people can't carry big bags?
  124. My Adventures with the Synapse 19
  125. Synapse 19 (blackhole might be an under statement)
  126. Tri-star first impressions and short trip packing list
  127. New side effect
  128. Ristretto for iPad
  129. A tale of three straps - Standard, Absolute and RedOxx Claw
  130. My Nordic Small Shop Bag is kind of blowing my mind
  131. Imago Again...
  132. The Western Flyer & Cadet: A Tale of Two Trips
  133. My first few weeks with the Synapse 25. Comments and concerns
  134. My Western Flyer Review
  135. Synapse and the Cadet: pertfect commuter bags
  136. Bag Crazy
  137. Synapse 25
  138. My new Aeronaut
  139. Little but essential: the pocket pouch
  140. New Side Effect!
  141. Co-Pilot: Oh So Close! Update
  142. Glowire review
  143. Loving my new CoPilot
  144. Travel Dyneema Aeronaute, Tristar, Synapse 19, SCB and many Dyneema accessories!
  145. Another nod to the small Cafe bag
  146. Co-pilot: Oh so close!
  147. Mixed on my Synapse
  148. Need Help to create Brain Bag Review
  149. Travel tray for the non-traveler
  150. My Shipment Arrived!!
  151. My Aeronaut is here!
  152. Synapse First Impressions
  153. Part 3 of Ben Brooks' Smart Alec review is up!
  154. Cafe Bag COFFEE PROOF!
  155. Love Taza on one bag travel abroad with littles
  156. My Smart Alec
  157. Ready... Get set....
  158. My Side Effect
  159. New MCB
  160. Premature Encapsulation!
  161. Zephyr review
  162. Traveling with a Synapse
  163. Another Citizen Canine arrives
  164. Another Citizen Canine Arrives
  165. Sorry--I'll Review This After My Roommate's First Use
  166. Co-Pilot as Every-day Carry
  167. An introduction to the blackhole within a Tri-Star
  168. Empire Builder - 6mo+ in.
  169. Totally in Love!!
  170. Aeronaut and Tri-Star First Impressions
  171. New Tom Bihn fan/One-bag rookie/New Tri-Star
  172. Side Effect: Not Exactly a Review
  173. Synapse and Medium Cafe Bag as carry on combination
  174. Synapse Arrived!
  175. Co-Pilot as new EDC bag
  176. Tri-Star first impressions
  177. one bagging it with synapse
  178. traveling with me new tom bihn nordic/steel western flyer
  179. MCB meets Nerdapalooza '12- Review
  180. Travel tray turns out to be excellent as a hospital tray
  181. My Western Flyer Review and Packing List
  182. Synapse - neurally connecting to a new path, I hope
  183. Why I am, so very sadly, returning my new Synapse
  184. One of my great regrets...
  185. Why I Like My Synapse Part II
  186. Synapse in 400d Dyneema / 420d nylon ripstop (Steel Dyneema / Steel Dyneema)
  187. Aubergine Tri-Star is not too fem!
  188. Cadet 15/13 and other bits and bobs
  189. Why I Like My Synapse!
  190. Field Journal Notebook Review
  191. My perfect companion - Large Cafe Bag
  192. Wirecutter gives three Bihn bags the thumbs up
  193. Just got a Ristretto 13"
  194. Empire Builder: 6 weeks into a long, happy relationship...
  195. Thoughts on the Buzz (my first TB bag)
  196. WahooShazam for the Q-AM!
  197. WF Packing Cube Backpack
  198. Western Flyer
  199. Just ordered my first bag from TB ... The Steel/ultraviolet Co-Pilot & a few things
  200. Co-pilot first impressions...
  201. Second thoughts on the co-piolot
  202. Brain bag for large and small
  203. My Medium Cafe Bag
  204. Empire Builder - First Impressions Out of the Box
  205. Travel Tray Review
  206. MCB Review
  207. travel with kids: packing made light for a week in san francisco
  208. Large Cafe Bag
  209. Introducing the new black/black Little Swift and my thoughts on Wasabi Dyneema
  210. Brain Bag and Smart Alec
  211. Travel Stuff Sacks Review
  212. Zephyr - First Thoughts
  213. Links to external bag reviews
  214. A Review Of the LCB.
  215. Super Ego vs Empire Builder, and the winner is......
  216. 7+ Year Old Empire Builder. Like New.
  217. SuperEgoSuperBag, II
  218. Synapse goes to Colorado (pic heavy)
  219. Review of the travel tray
  220. one issue with the MCB (for smaller people)
  221. Getting to love my new Zephyr
  222. Review of my new Ristretto
  223. Large Cafe Bag Heads East
  224. Tristar, my first Tom Bihn bag
  225. Smart Alec and Synapse
  226. I don't recommend, this but the Cache *can* protect your investment in a gate-check..
  227. Empire Builder ~ 1mo in.
  228. iMore video review of the updated Ristretto
  229. Synapse continues to surprise.
  230. SuperEgoSuperBag
  231. Extreme one-bagging with the Co-pilot
  232. Aeronaut vs Tri Star vs Western Flyer
  233. My new Synapse
  234. My beautiful new SYNAPSE arrived today! I "practice packed" it for a two week trip!
  235. Peru's Coast & the Western Flyer
  236. Brain Bag or Tri-Star for a log trip?
  237. Updated Packing List: On tour with Aeronaut & Brain Bag
  238. 3rd Gen Ristretto versus 1st Gen Ristretto
  239. My Tri-Star Review (with comparisons to the Brain Bag)
  240. Co-Pilot excels under the seat in front of you
  241. Tom Bihn Coffee Nerd Kit
  242. Camera I/O + Tripod Quiver + Brain Bag photos & review
  243. A Review/Narrative from a Tom Bihn Fanatic (...a Camera Insert Review)
  244. Synaspe
  245. TB Smart Alec deserves a review
  246. The Travelling Imago...Day 1.5
  247. Last night, I finally took the plunge and.....
  248. The Perfect Dog Show Bag(s) - Synapse + Co-Pilot
  249. Large Cafe Bag: Six Months In
  250. I think I will have to steal my husband's Western Flyer!