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  1. Selling 4X Horizontal Brain Cell (Wasabi)
  2. Will a Size 8 Horizontal Soft Cell fit inside a Zephyr?
  3. snake charmer in saphire
  4. Ego updates?
  5. Definition of the word "Imago"
  6. Inner dimensions of the Aeronaut.
  7. Zephyr/EB for lefties?
  8. ? about the Utility Tote
  9. Upcoming TB bags
  10. pouch for carrying liquids onboard an airplane?
  11. Cork and Nikwax?
  12. The Smart Alec Backpack: Q&A
  13. About Brain Cells and Snaps
  14. Waist strap on Brain Bag
  15. Brain Bag -- More colors?
  16. A couple questions about The Buzz
  17. Which would you recomend brain bag and empire builder
  18. How do you wear your Imago?
  19. What is your personal carry on item?
  20. Cleaning a Empire Builder
  21. Anyone planning to buy a Hunter/Steel/Steel Imago?
  22. SuperEgo's Colours
  23. small brain bag
  24. ID Main Compartment Size
  25. Questions about Aeronaut
  26. Any bikers out there use the Brain Bag?
  27. Not Digging the Absolute strap on Super Ego...suggestions?
  28. Which Brain Cell for a Fujitsu T2010 Tablet PC?
  29. Aeronaut and packing cubes inbound!
  30. TOM BIHN in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  31. Cell phone holder options?
  32. Dog bag suggestions
  33. No color control on pouches?
  34. Aeronaut - Packing suit and all?
  35. Soft Cell - how much protection?
  36. Gym bag ideas
  37. Looking for video footage.
  38. Which Brain Cell for a Fujitsu ST4110 Tablet PC?
  39. Need some good daypack selection advice
  40. Buzz on Right Shoulder
  41. Knitting Bag - "are we there yet?"
  42. Questions concerning Horizontal Brain Bag and Dell D630 Laptops
  43. Buzz on NBC news?
  44. Ordered a vertical brain cell
  45. Will the Vertical Brain Cell fit inside the Aeronaut?
  46. The new New Flat Rate International Shipping
  47. The Environmental Impact of Products Made Overseas
  48. Empire Builder or Zephyr? Size comparison?
  49. Vexxed: EB, ID, or Zephyr?
  50. Waist strap and Q-AM strap questions
  51. Super Ego??
  52. Bye Bye Grape
  53. Leopard Strip
  54. I think I need organizer pouches!
  55. Question for Zephyr & EB Owners
  56. Speaking of labels...
  57. Zephyr Size Question
  58. vertical vs horizontal brain cell pocket sizes (re: power supply)
  59. Smart Alec (like new!) now on eBay! (Lots of pics too) (ENDS 13-Jul-07 15:50:15 EDT)
  60. Empire Builder & Absolute Strap on Craigslist
  61. Smart Alec for a Smart Architect
  62. A Note of Gratitude
  63. New: Ruck's Sac Backpack (Available July 4th)
  64. Vertical Brain Cell and Dell XPS m1210
  65. Colors available
  66. For Sale: Empire Builder + Absolute Shoulder Strap
  67. Carry-on with suit and laptop
  68. Size 6 brain cell (Macbook) in Imago
  69. absolute strap/super ego/horiz. brain cell intercompatibility
  70. What do you clip on your D rings?
  71. Aeronaut vs MEI Voyageur
  72. A few strappy questions
  73. How much weight can each D ring hold?
  74. Web site oddities and ordering issues
  75. New Color idea
  76. New: Clear and Padded Organizer Pouches + Passport Pouch + Convertible Packing Cube
  77. Another Utility Tote vs. Lux question
  78. Zephyr or Empire Builder?
  79. Mistake on Zephyr dimensions?
  80. Shoulder strap questions
  81. Comparisson of the ID and the Zephyr
  82. The Buzz and Dell Latitude D620
  83. Size comaprisons between the Ego, Super Ego and other messengers
  84. Impressed so far...
  85. Aeronaut and which Brain Cell?
  86. Brain Cell color coordination
  87. What's the difference between Cordura and Ballistic Nylon?
  88. Cork on more bags?
  89. The Ado Backpack?
  90. New Imago Colors: Hunter/Cork/Sage and Sapphire/Steel/Sage + More
  91. Introducing the Style Kit Pouch
  92. Imago or Large Cafe: good large purse/carry bag?
  93. Working out space inside the small Cafe Bag
  94. Imago side pockets
  95. hooray (just made my first tom bihn purchase)
  96. Will Absolute Shoulder Strap fit older Super Ego?
  97. Archetype Envy
  98. Confused about colors
  99. Aeronaut yes! - now Packing Cubes?
  100. New forum images --> TB Desktop Wallpapers
  101. Comparison Chart
  102. Question about Brain Cell fit in Imago
  103. Easiest way to change an Ego/Super Ego strip?
  104. I'm hoping to buy the Super Ego...
  105. Medium/Small Cafe bags - any pictures?
  106. Super Ego Zipper Woes
  107. HP Pavillion dv6000t, tried everywhere for fit
  108. Which bag??? Ego or Super Ego? and a couple questions...
  109. carrying your notebook
  110. Empire Builder for 17"?
  111. Brain Bag/Brain Cell question
  112. Too big?
  113. Cleaning Help - Wahsing Machine?
  114. Label - blue or grey?
  115. Cork Small Organizer Pouch Now Available
  116. What new smaller backpack?
  117. Buzz Now Fits MacBook (And the 15.4" MacBook Pro)
  118. Imago: Updated Design + New Pictures
  119. Cafe Bag difference of capacity by size?
  120. Waist strap and Cafe Bag How does it work?
  121. FS: Empire Builder + Size 1 Brain Cell
  122. Horizontal and Vertical Options for Brain Cell
  123. The Ego Messenger Bag
  124. EB or Super Ego?
  125. Horizontal Brain Cell Fit Question...
  126. My Prediciment
  127. I just got a little gift from the company...
  128. Merry Christmas to the folks at Tom Bihn!!!
  129. Brain Cell Laptop fit?
  130. Storage pouch and Imago question
  131. gym bag
  132. Some Super Ego Questions
  133. Question About the Freudian Slip
  134. quick shipping
  135. Preventing Shoulder-Woes: What's Your Solution?
  136. Choosing My First (But Not Last) Tom Bihn Bag
  137. Clips in Brain Bag
  138. new to the tom binh "family"
  139. Aeronaut Standard or Breve?
  140. Lux- Knitting insert?
  141. The Utility Tote: Newly resdesigned and NEW PICTURES!
  142. Wallets?
  143. Super Ego color
  144. Nikwax
  145. Do Packing Cubes Fit in the Brain Bag?
  146. Removing the Monolith from my Brain Bag
  147. Pending Café Bag changes?
  148. Attention Sage Fans!
  149. New colours? ID Redesign?
  150. New Products by end of the year?
  151. Eclipse?
  152. My Bouncing Empire Builder
  153. New Stuff
  154. Snake Charmer?
  155. We Have the Coolest Customers
  156. Empire dividers in Super Ego?
  157. Anyone order from Germany or Europe
  158. Brain Bag v. Empire Builder
  159. Smart Alec: Shipping Soon?
  160. End of Carry-on luggage as we know it?
  161. Bag for TransAtlantic Sailing Race?
  162. Super Ego availability, factory store
  163. Messenger bag that doesn't look like a computer bag?
  164. External Optical Drive Protection
  165. FS: Brain Bag and Monolith now on eBay!
  166. Empire Builder question
  167. School bag
  168. Fujitsu N3410
  169. How does your Empire Builder stand up?
  170. IBM/Lenovo x60s with extended battery. (Brain cell.)
  171. Camera bags for women?
  172. Smart Alec or Brain Bag for short trips
  173. Horizontal Soft Cell Size 3 Availability Date
  174. Need a suggestion.
  175. Aeronaut: To strap or not to strap?
  176. Can you spot the picture of Tom in this Fickr album?
  177. Empire Builder for sale!
  178. Bagaholic Needs Help Deciding....
  179. Brain Bag, Monolith, and Snake Charmer for Sale
  180. Query: Empire Builder vs. Super Ego?
  181. What will fit inside the medium cafebag ?
  182. Aeronaut or Brain Bag
  183. Packing a Cafe Bag?
  184. Carrying an SLR in the Cafe bag
  185. Is that you?
  186. opinion reguarding the buzz
  187. Dell XPS M1210
  188. Buzz & Treo
  189. I've Been Bihn'ed!
  190. How is a brain cell supposed to fit? :)
  191. Empire Builder for sale
  192. Laptop bag for back of bike
  193. brain bag: size of compartments?
  194. Smart Alec bag
  195. Brain Bag for Sale
  196. 13" Macbook!
  197. Aeronaut in Seattle?
  198. Aeronaut questions
  199. Student looking for bag....
  200. Tom Bihn on OneBag!
  201. Objection!
  202. New Product (tm) ??
  203. laptop conveyance for G4 12"
  204. washing your bihn-bag.
  205. Best bag for law student?
  206. All hail the new Aeronaut
  207. Advice on packing cubes/folders
  208. Cleaning a Brain Bag?
  209. Cafe bag: small or medium?
  210. Has the "ultimate" shoulder strap been fixed?
  211. Vote for Debbie!
  212. Empire Builder makes productdose's top 10 coolest
  213. Buzz and Sony SZ Series
  214. New ETA for Brain Cell 2XL ?
  215. Field Repair of Brain Bag
  216. Question - Large Cafe Bag
  217. Am I a Smart Alec or a Brain?
  218. Which bag should I go for?
  219. Feeback on IBM Thinkpads
  220. Question about the Brain Bag
  221. Size 4X Monoliths Shipping Yet?
  222. ID Bag and MacBook Pro Power Adapter
  223. A Tom Bihn Podcast: What would you want to hear?
  224. Smart Alec while half full or empty
  225. Buzz or cafe bag? Size?
  226. monolith inner specifications
  227. brain cell rigidity question
  228. What do you carry in your bag?
  229. How much stretch can I get?
  230. Brain Cell, Soft Cell (and my soft brain)
  231. New Cases for the Macbook Pro
  232. Interior color of the brain bag?
  233. Brain Bag-Water bottles and travel cups?
  234. Bag trade-in/resale?
  235. Thinkpad X32, Brain Cell and Smart Alec
  236. What size Monolith for Booq Vyper M (PBG4 15" AL)?
  237. When will Lux inserts come out?
  238. Super Ego or Seattle Messenger?
  239. Which Bag For Me?
  240. Smart Alec questions
  241. Bag suggestion for public defender?
  242. Whats cooking?
  243. Sleeve for Toshiba Sat M45-S355?
  244. Brain bag - paaaaiiiinnnn!
  245. Bags to fit Dell Inspiron 630m
  246. Shipping to Canada and Acer C204
  247. Whither biners on Brain Bag?
  248. Buzz Velcro Issue
  249. monolith/laptop size issues
  250. Brain Cell interior fabric?