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  1. Video: Tom talks design and build (and you)
  2. Just listed my practically brand new Brain Bag...
  3. got my 25 yesterday... so happy... also first hack.
  4. Synpase 25 Questions
  5. Wasabi color in cordura vs dyneema - any difference?
  6. My Synapse 25
  7. The Handle Loops, now there two, one with clip, one with O ring!
  8. Selling/trading my Brain Bag
  9. The new Side Effect
  10. Dyneema Key Strap Thoughts..... YES Please!!
  11. Dyneema Imago
  12. Looking forward to the new Synapse... But...
  13. I can't stop thinking about the Pilot.
  14. The Future- Scented Fabrics
  15. Suggestion Regarding KeyStraps
  16. A note on repairs.
  17. Farewell Buzz, Hello MCB and Aeronaut
  18. The Setup: Tom's interview
  19. Synapse Mod, Attachment Point
  20. Introducing the: Synapse 25, Guardian Strap-Mount Light, Glowire, and a new video
  21. Pre-order soon: Cafe Bag for The Red Book
  22. IT'S APRIL 1--Something tells me.........
  23. Selling my Field Journal Notebook (Plum)
  24. 2 iPad Caches - Horizontal and Vertical - No longer needed
  25. Love my Aeronaut after it's maiden voyage!
  26. First Class Mail to Canada – Trial Run
  27. When did Tom visit Gallifrey?
  28. Large & Medium Cafe bags in dyneema
  29. Hidden benefit of mesh ballistic organizer pouches
  30. Why is the Imago not lined with Dyneema?
  31. a thought on this bag but with tom bihn dyneema fabric and....
  32. Navy/Iberian Love
  33. How to avoid the bulging bag syndrome on Travel Bags
  34. FS: Checkpoint Flyer
  35. Thoughts on the Stitching Workmanship on Tom Bihn Bags
  36. Dear Tom Bihn
  37. Larger Pocket Pouch(es)?
  38. FS: Checkpoint Flyer
  39. You've ruined my children...
  40. Bigger Synapse announced!!
  41. TB Meetup in Nashville
  42. Vote: Western Flyer (Backpack Straps) Colors
  43. Vote on colors for Western Flyer?
  44. 7-day cruise & half-marathon conquered 2/ just Western Flyer & Packing Cube Backpack
  45. Ristretto in the rain
  46. Selling my Brian bag (black/steel/steel) and MCB (steel/cayenne)
  47. Selling my brand new Cardinal Kit, located in Australia
  48. Vote: colors for the new Side Effect without waist strap
  49. My Search has ended?
  50. First Class Mail to Australia - Trial Run
  51. Why I love Tom Bihn, the Designer, the Crew and the products.
  52. Newbie from Canada
  53. Thanks
  54. Nordic accessories?
  55. Can anyone identify this bag?
  56. FS: Aeronaut (Navy/Solar) w/removable waist strap
  57. FS: Aeronaut (Navy/Solar) w/removable waist strap - $180
  58. Brainwave
  59. Bad Site -- Low Information
  60. Travel Goods Show
  61. Looking for a field journal
  62. Aeronout Dyneema vs Ballistic ?
  63. Any recommendations for toiletry bags?
  64. Selling some of my Tom Bihn things, Synapse, Imago and some accessories
  65. Hi from a soon-to-be Tom Bihn bag owner
  66. Brain Bag Cordura 1000d Dust collector? Why Not 500d?
  67. Aeronaut siting!
  68. More O rings! (especially Brain Bag)
  69. Smart Label on Co-Pilot
  70. New way to specify your Organizer Pouch color preferences
  71. Small label on Smart Alec
  72. FS: Large Cafe Bag (Navy/Cayenne) w/Absolute Strap
  73. Nothing better...
  74. Dyneema and Security
  75. iPad Mini + Cache + ID = perfect!
  76. Product Idea: Passport Pouch
  77. Happy to join the Tom Bihn family with the arrival of my new Aeronaut
  78. New: 1" Cafe/Ristretto Messenger Stabilizer
  79. Tom Bihn on UK eBay
  80. Mini Shop Bag
  81. Vote for new Swift colors
  82. Last chance to order The Buzz...
  83. Ballistic Nylon Imago with Corc panel in more colours...?
  84. Wanted: Co-Pilot and Ego or Super Ego in Aubergine/Wasabi
  85. Questions about Aubergine Co-Pilot
  86. Any chance of seeing a Cadet in Dyneema?
  87. Tom Bihn bag spotted in a CNET article for Best iPad Accessories
  88. Rain Cover for Brain Bag
  89. I got a Smart Alec!!!!!
  90. that little pocket on the inside at the bottom of the brain bag.
  91. Video: Our Materials
  92. Why didn't anybody tell me?
  93. Great Video on the Blog: Our company, UPS, and sustainability
  94. Azalea Synapse or Imago?
  95. Two new Organizer Pouches debuting Wednesday
  96. 400d Dyneema steel color - Assistance required
  97. Woohoo! Shop Bags and Aeronauts will ship in time for Dec. 24th delivery
  98. Fanny Pack
  99. Nordic Dyneema/nylon Shop Bag!
  100. New Color Option for Smart Alec..?
  101. Selling two Tri-Stars, steel/ultraviolet
  102. Small Cafe Bag in Dyneema--SQUEEEEEE!!!
  103. Cache Modification for Smart Alec
  104. Cadet coord management
  105. Packing Cube Shoulder Bag in Travel Dyneema (400d Dyneema®/nylon)
  106. Early heads-up: Tom has updated the design of the Smart Alec
  107. 11-inch MacBook Air Ristretto seeks new home, is tired of being cooped up in closet
  108. More Co-Pilot thoughts.
  109. Tom Bihn bags = "magical bags"!
  110. Smaller size Aeronaut (or similar)?
  111. Iberian again?
  112. No More Solar?
  113. Field Journal Notebook paper punch
  114. Nexus 7 and Phone Bag/Case
  115. New to Bihn
  116. New EDC Accessory Must Have!
  117. Bigger Synapse Please!
  118. Bags for the 13" MacBook Pro Retina
  119. Tom Bihn: The Early History
  120. Coming soon...
  121. 2013 TB Wish List
  122. My new Brain Bag
  123. iPad mini bags
  124. Really want Empire builder but it has a HUGE flaw
  125. DIY checkpoint friendly?
  126. Introducing 400d Dyneema/nylon in Nordic and Steel
  127. Brain bag? Your brain! . the new Bihn bag.
  128. New to Tom Bhin
  129. Colors......................
  130. Spotted: Vintage Brain Bag - Collectible?
  131. Going to TB Store Tomorrow!
  132. Please send cure-I am obssessed with Tom Bihn products!!
  133. Aubergine or Wasabi Brain Bag?
  134. Best Tom Bihn "Doctor's Bag"?
  135. Synapse in Black/Wasabi
  136. Breve-style bag for Macbook Air 11?
  137. Need expandable
  138. Black holes and time travel
  139. Travel Organizer
  140. Storage bags
  141. Love my Ristretto for iPad!
  142. Newbie to Tom Bihn
  143. thoughts on upsizing the Co-Pilot
  144. Introducing Aubergine 1050d U.S. ballistic nylon
  145. Introducing the Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift
  146. Tom Bihn Sighting at Walnut Valley Festival
  147. Missed it by one day
  148. Just for Fun
  149. Some Items Missing From The Accessories Page
  150. Bagwards thinking?
  151. WANTED: Crimson SCB
  152. Most out of the ordinary item you have carried in your TOM BIHN Bag?
  153. Just ordered my FIRST Tom Bihn Bag !!!
  154. We've been cheated! (Brain Bag owners)
  155. Old school Tom
  156. Selling my TB ID, size 5 Cache and size 5 Brain Cell
  157. Upcoming new ballstic color?
  158. CO-Pilot Black / Steel or Black /wasavi
  159. Kids Backpack
  160. Tom Bihn Saves the Day
  161. Will the Western Flyer Return in Navy/Dyneema Nylon?
  162. Travel Tray goes camping
  163. New website design?
  164. Dyneema Synapse
  165. How did you first discover Tom Bihn bags?
  166. WANTED: Monoliths (Vertical Brain Cells with zippered tops)
  167. Selling 2006-style Brain Bag on eBay
  168. the tom bihn " french " label controversy or not?
  169. Proposing bifold TB wallet
  170. Medium Cafe Bag as Camera Bag
  171. Selling a Horizontal Brain cell 6X Gray
  172. Back to School with Synapse?
  173. Selling an 11-inch Original Ristretto & Absolute Strap on Craigslist
  174. Ristretto too floppy
  175. Navy update?
  176. Stuff sacks!!!! Yeah!!!
  177. Selling an Imago on eBay (Black/Wasabi)
  178. Heads-up: price increases
  179. Will there ever be a rolling bag?
  180. I want a padded Travel Tray
  181. Selling bags
  182. Tom Bihn Equivalent to leather color?
  183. Belt clip for Citizen Canine?
  184. New: Whistle Sternum Strap Half
  185. Shop bag + key strap = $$
  186. help!
  187. Introducing Wasabi Dyneema/nylon
  188. A day at the beach
  189. Should we add an EDC subforum?
  190. In Praise of Kleen Kanteens
  191. Shipping Rates Going Up
  192. 1st day riding in the rain, and my synapse backpack's contents stayed completely dry!
  193. Update to Tri-Star page?
  194. Outdoors NW Pinterest contest to win a Smart Alec
  195. 15" MacBook Pro Retina Bags and Cases
  196. I have an obsession. Does that mean that I'm finally one of the cool kids?
  197. One day in 2005...
  198. Creeping TomBihn-itis?
  199. Wanted: Black/Steel/Solar Smart Alec
  200. Shop bag ideas
  201. Help! Plum or Conifer for Medium Cafe Bag
  202. There's a few Navy/Solar Aeronauts left..
  203. Synapse Logo patch Redesign
  204. replacing my side effect - from india!
  205. Aeronaut in Crimson/Steel
  206. Breve?
  207. Another Idea for Citizen Canine
  208. Finally found a reason to buy another Tom Bihn Bag!
  209. Cadet in Navy / New Color
  210. Dyneema umbrella?
  211. tom bihn down jacket and comforter
  212. I Miss My Synapse
  213. Selling an Ultimate ShoulderStrap on Ebay
  214. Wanted: Horizontal Brain Cell 4X Size
  215. Tom Bihn should make a bowling ball bag!
  216. Wanted: Navy SmartAlec
  217. The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau (guess who's in it)
  218. Update on Solar Dyneema/nylon
  219. 16 oz Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle and Bikes
  220. WANTED: Tom Bihn Buzz (old style)
  221. Advice about selling on eBay or Craig's List?
  222. Used Forest/Steel Ristretto for 11-inch MacBook Air on eBay
  223. quick release messenger bag strap
  224. Used Black/Wasabi/Steel Empire Builder on eBay and Craigslist
  225. Where is the Tom Bihn makeup bag?
  226. UK Distributor?
  227. Looking for used Western Flyer w backpack straps in now discontinued cardinal/steel
  228. Cache for 11-inch MBA - who will be getting it?
  229. Picnic backpack
  230. Key Strap
  231. New idea for the Citizen Canine
  232. Giant Pouches
  233. Brand new Checkpoint Flyer (red/15" laptop) for sale on Craigslist
  234. Guitar bags
  235. More Wasabi!
  236. For Sale Section
  237. Vertically oriented organizer pouches?
  238. Preview of our new website design
  239. Navy Synapse on eBay
  240. Searor a UV Dyneema/Steel Dyneema Synapse
  241. New: Matterhorn Water Bottle
  242. Don't try this at home (but I did and it worked fine!)
  243. TB sightings in St. Louis
  244. Alternative Friend of Tom (FoT) Pouch Use!
  245. Tom Bihn Gift Certificate?
  246. Those 3 special words you just love to hear from that special someone
  247. Know this is a long shot, but searching for an Indigo Co-Pilot
  248. Bihn media wallet?
  249. Wanted other bag nerd for sharing shipping cost to the Netherlands.
  250. Ruck's Sac & Messenger Style Swift?