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  1. I use - and highly recommend - the Snake Charmer....

    I use - and highly recommend - the Snake Charmer. It is large, but I find that's an advantage. I use both sides and store it in the bottom of the front pocket of the Brain Bag. Fits nicely in the...
  2. Recommendations for a cell phone pouch or pocket for Brain Bag strap

    Looking for a way to carry my cell phone using a pouch, or something, attached to the shoulder strap of my Brain Bag...any ideas or recommendations?
  3. Interesting article in NYT on packing for 10 days in a carry-on

    Check it out, great slideshow on packing for 10 days in a carry-on...get rolling, folks!
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    New Brain Bag Pictures compared to Booq Bag

    Hello everyone!
    Short time lurker, first post. Just received my Brain Bag with Freudian Slip, Snakecharmer, and Brain Cell, to replace my Booq Boa XM. The Boa has been a great bag, but I needed a...
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