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  1. ID Messenger - updated review after a few weeks and a cool discovery

    I've had my ID Messenger bag for three weeks now, and wanted to post an updated review now that I've had a chance to put it through its paces. So far it's logged a few thousand miles on airplanes, a...
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    Any chance by the holidays ?

    Any chance this would be available before the winter holiday season ? I would love to find this and a Brain Bag under the tree this year ! :)
  3. That looks perfect ! Thanks !

    That looks perfect ! Thanks !
  4. I did see that, but I was hoping more for the $10...

    I did see that, but I was hoping more for the $10 price range than $25. I don't need RFID blocking - I'm pretty sure the black helicopter crowds already know where to find me :)
  5. What size Cordura organizer pouch to hold a US Passport ?

    Looking to add a couple organizer pouches to my new ID Messenger bag. Will the small size hold a US Passport ? Also, what are peoples experiences with begging for color choices in the comments...
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    ID Messenger Bag - initial impressions

    I received my first Tom Bihn bag yesterday as a self-ordered birthday present from my wife, and I have to say I am impressed. I ordered the black/black/steel, along with a size 5 brain cell for my...
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