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  1. Well with the help of @jeffmac (thank you) I have...

    Well with the help of @jeffmac (thank you) I have decided to plump for a Zephyr and now in the TB waiting mode lol. Even worse when you are in the UK
  2. Cant decide (one of the TB Syndromes?) between an ID or a Zephyr

    I have a dilema. I need a new bag for work and I am struggling between the choice of the ID Messenger bag and the Zephyr briefcase.

    Things I carry on my day to day business include;

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    @Arizcats13 - Did you go for an ID or a Zephyr. I...

    @Arizcats13 - Did you go for an ID or a Zephyr. I am deliberating between a Z and a EB myself - EB is tempting but then I know me - if there is space I will fill it and then my arms and back will be...
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