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    Lux bag for sale?

    This weekend I got a chance to see the Lux bag in this article:

    (Amy from showed it to me at our Stitch'n'Bitch).
  2. Love it!

    I received my ID Bag/Brain Cell today (holy fast shipping batman--I ordered on Friday) and I love it!

    The Brain Cell is perfect--my Dell Inspiron 600m is snug and secure and there's enough room in...
  3. Darcy, I left a message in your private mailbox....

    Darcy, I left a message in your private mailbox.

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    Cell phone dohickey

    I love the eclipse concept (had a look at a friend's bag) because I need to be restrained in the things I carry around.

    The one thing I'm looking for is a holder for my cell phone on the outside...
  5. Brain case size

    I'll let you know about the bag soon.

    It's awfully tempting.

    I also have a brain cell question.

    I have Dell Inspiron 600m and according to your info it fits in a size 4 brain cell.

  6. Great photos!

    Thanks for the detailed photos of a full ID bag--I'm almost positive this is the bag for me.

    Two questions:

    1. In the gadgeteer review she mentioned the lack of padding on the handle--any...
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