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  1. 13" MacBook Pro Retina Brain Cell for a 13" MacBook Air? Also horizontal, vertical?

    As nearly as I can tell the 13" MacBook Air and the 13" MacBook Pro Retina have almost the same maximum dimensions, with reasons for concern as follows:

    1) The Air is 0.67" thick to the Pro's...
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    I have an answer to Autolycus's question, which...

    I have an answer to Autolycus's question, which I've quoted below, but first I'd like to ask a question of my own.

    How many O-rings are inside the new Side Effect?

    I ask because the description...
  3. Does the Q-AM strap work with the Ristretto?

    I'm looking at shifting over from my Brain Bag to a Ristretto for everyday use -- Brain Bag is nice for a bunch of situations, but bulky for a daily commute; also taking stuff out of it on the bus is...
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