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  1. Love my Aeronaut after it's maiden voyage!

    I took my new Aeronaut to Paris in February and I must say that I think it has changed my life in regards to travel. I love this bag.

    I wish I would not have been lazy in taking photos but was...
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    I bought mine with a combination of packing cubes...

    I bought mine with a combination of packing cubes for my trip to Paris a couple weeks ago. After travelling with it, I am just going to use it for everything. I travel mostly by car and found that...
  3. Happy to join the Tom Bihn family with the arrival of my new Aeronaut

    Hi all. My name is Mike and I am from the Atlanta, Georgia area.

    I've been looking at Tom Bihn bags on and off for a long time. I have an upcoming pleasure trip to Paris with my family and I...
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