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  1. Asymmetric and longer

    Having used my Imago with absolute strap for a few weeks now I'm definitely of the opinion it is just a bit too short when worn across the body which is an annoyance in an otherwise superb messenger...
  2. Absolute strap too short for particularly tall people?

    I have an absolute strap on my Imago and although very comfortable I've noticed that when I have a few heavier items in it that it doesn't sit as comfortably when I have the bag resting against my...
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    A fine bottle of South Australian Coopers Pale...

    A fine bottle of South Australian Coopers Pale Ale. It looks suspiciously empty since I took that photo. ;)
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    I baulked at the $55 shipping to Australia at...

    I baulked at the $55 shipping to Australia at first but when I bit the bullet it was entirely painless and the bags arrived much quicker than the specified timeframe.

    Only thing missing was a Tom...
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    Steel Aeronaut and Imago

    Until recently I didn't realise I had a bag fetish but after discovering this web site following the slashdotting recently, I've been feverish about getting my hands on a bag! I'm happy to say I now...
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    Steel and cork Imago?

    I couldn't help but notice this colour combination for the Imago. Is this steel and cork? (it looks more blue although the cork colour is rather saturated)...
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