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  1. Wanted: The Buzz in Different Color Combos

    I've had both versions of The Buzz. Love it. It's perfect for commuting. But I'd love to seem them in new color combinations. Any chance of that happening? And, if not, why? Thx.
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    Loving the Buzz

    I've had both versions of the Buzz. I use the newer, larger version on my daily commutes to work. I love these facts about the bag: I can put it on one-handed while walking as I leave the subway and...
  3. Waist Strap

    Actually, after "Just" posted that message about liking the waist strap I tried it on my way home yesterday. And it does help stabilize the bag. I'm even thinking it may help distribute the weight...
  4. Just Got my new Buzz!

    I was looking for a slightly larger version of my old Buzz and this is really nice. Yes, it does have a waist strap which was surprising. I'm not sure it needs it.

    I got the Black/Black/Steel and...
  5. Color Choice

    If I had to choose, I'd stay with the black/steel/crimson and not do the black/navy/crimson (the black and the navy are too close in value). I like the back of the pack being crimson.
  6. Color Choice

    I like the black/gray/crimson I have now. Very classy. Any possibility of keeping that?
  7. Details on Update to Buzz

    Darcy, could you tell us the specifics of the updated Buzz? New capacity, any new features, etc.

    I'd like to compare the Buzz I have now to the new one. I've always thought the capacity of the...
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    Suggestions for the Buzz

    I've been using my Buzz for a few weeks and I have some suggestions. I use this mainly for urban commuting via mass transit.

    First, as others have said, make the bag just a bit bigger. More...
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