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    Ellinger's ( kitchenware...

    Ellinger's kitchenware and serving ware, looks like new after ten years' hard use.

    Red Oxx Aviator duffle bags. Their briefcases and carryons don't hold a candle to Tom's, but this big, cheap,...
  2. A lot of ingenuity here which would have been...

    A lot of ingenuity here which would have been unnecessary if Tom would just put a couple of o-rings inside the EB main compartment. Customers have been requesting this since back before I bought...
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    Most everything about the site looks fine to me,...

    Most everything about the site looks fine to me, however the laptop listing in the "fit guide" does not appear to have been updated for a couple of years (except for Apple products, which may reflect...
  4. I bought a Brain Cell which was too big :-(

    When I traded in my old netbook for an ASUS 15.6" laptop, I thought I would be able to just get a bigger Brain Cell to ride inside my faithful Empire Builder. The computer itself when "naked" fits...
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    Darcy, #1 on my wish list would be a long,...


    #1 on my wish list would be a long, narrow zippered organizer about 2"x2"x10".

    Actually, two of them.

    They would fit perfectly into the "dead zones" on either side of my small Brain...
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    Amen to that. CD's are approaching obsolescence...

    Amen to that. CD's are approaching obsolescence as anything but a "purchase and archive" medium, and the built in iPod dock so common these days is useless to those of us who don't own iPods.

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    Lumix FZ 35 $239 @ Amazon this morning

    Have had one since last May and it's hard to imagine more camera for the money.
  8. thanks for the feedback but -

    I shoulda mentioned that I have an Empire Builder with the Brain Cell clipped inside, and the Ristretto doesn't look like it will fit inside the EB.

    It appears that the netbook era has kinda...
  9. What's the best product in the Tom Bihn line for a small netbook?

    I have recently switched to an ASUS EEE1001 as my portable PC.

    It really bounces around in my old Brain Cell, and nothing in the current Bihn lineup seems sized to cradle something of its...
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    My flashlight of choice

    is a standard Mini Maglite 2xAA converted to LED's with a conversion kit bought at I have three.

    I use Eveready NIMH's bought at the big box store and a LaCrosse charger.
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    "One handy and important accessory I've insisted...

    "One handy and important accessory I've insisted on carrying in my backpack for many years has been a flashlight. For the past several years, I've been using nickel-metal-hydride rechargeable...
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    Yeti - thanks for the tip on Clairefontaine. ...

    Yeti - thanks for the tip on Clairefontaine. Know of any bricks & mortar stores that carry them??
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    I try to like Moleskines, but..

    .. the paper just does not work well with fountain pen ink. Too much bleed through to the other side, and $10 is too much for a notebook whose page count is effectively cut in half.

    Any fountain...
  14. Empire Builder/Horiz Brain Cell - 99.9998% perfect

    Having logged just over a week with my new Empire Builder/Brain Cell/Freudian Slip combo, it has more than met my expectations.

    All the stuff that used to roll together into an undifferentiated...
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