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    Attention Night Flight-ers!

    I'm thinking about downsizing my boyfriend's unwieldly travel camera bag to be more 'personal item's friendly in the hopes that he can then just also carry on his aeronaut.
    From what I can see from here
    Most of his items will fit into the NFTD.
    The trouble is that his Canon 5DII is heavy with extra grip etc and his current bag is a targus backpack (with erroneous laptop compartment) but a quick (relatively) access front pocket.

    I'm wondering if any of you could please do some experiments with pictures about how I could make a backpack out of the NFTD and a couple of absolute/standard shoulder straps/ gatekeeper straps/any other goodies etc etc?


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    There is an older TB vid the shows the S19 utilised as a camera bag.

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    I use the NFTD as a camera bag sometimes, but always slung. It is very good for that. If I need a backpack, I take a Crumpler Haven camera insert or an Internal Camera Unit (ICU) and put the camera in that, and then the whole thing goes into an S19. The downside to using an S19 as a camera backpack is that there are no quick access panels that camera backpacks usually come with.
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    do you find that it is too unstructured for a camera bag or too wide to carry as a daily camera bag? that is why I am holding back on getting one for a camera bag. I a wondering if it is best solution for an everyday bag.

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