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Thread: Comprehensive list of packing cube sizes/codes

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    Comprehensive list of packing cube sizes/codes

    I checked the link at the end of the Packing Cubes page, and probably missed this before - 0944 is listed twice under NFTD and under Pilot Small. I have some labelled 0926 that I am pretty sure are Pilot front pocket size.

    Packing Cubes - Travel Packing Cubes organize your travel bag and keep clothes neat - TOM BIHN

    Is there an updated list somewhere in the Forums?

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    Wow, thank you GoStanford I never had seen that list. I haven't even registered that there such an number in the Packingcubes.
    I went and fetched my Pilot frontpocked cube and mine is labeled 0926 too. I had started to wright the bag on the big white labels but did not like that very much. Now I can use the list.


    Edit: the 0944 is the NightFlight Duffel Back just checked that one too.
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    I am kind of a packing cube freak and to avoid mismatches, I tied color coded ribbons to the zipper pulls.

    At first I thought about using a color for each type of packing cube then realized that would be enough to match cubes to bags.

    Now, I am swiching to paracord pulls for a nicer look.

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    Working on issues with Aeronaut packing organizers,
    hoping for the perfect Aeronaut sidekick, a second generation PCSB with the organization of SE and the size of a EPPC!

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    I am thinking I will print the list and keep with my bags, and maybe put an index card in the cubes themselves so between that and the label I can easily get them back in order. I often use the cubes in rolling suitcases also and sometimes I store the cubes in the larger TB bag if not in use. If TB ever makes a rolling suitcase I am first in line!

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