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    Aeronaut 45, but possibly the 30

    I can't decide which Aeronaut to get. A bag guru at TB emailed me with the interior dimensions of the 30's main compartment. She said it's 14" x 12" x 4".

    So the compartment is only 4" tall? or is that a typo?

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    Hi Mike!

    Yes, I think the 4" must be a typo. Given that the Aeronaut 30's dimensions are 19.7" x 12.6" x 7.9", the interior in that dimension must be around 7.3" in size.

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    just get both.

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    For a lot of forum members, the choice between the A30 and A45 depends on which one you can comfortably carry. Larger people might find the A45 fits their clothes better, and have no trouble hefting it on their shoulder or back. For me (I am a 5' 2" woman), the A30 just feels better to carry. Even though getting all my travel items into it was a squeeze, it was worth having a slightly lighter bag in the end.

    You can look at the airlines you are likely to fly and see if there are any restrictions that impact your choice (though both bags have been reported to fit easily into overheads). Finally, consider if you are likely to be taking home souvenirs and want the extra space, will be packing for two or asked to carry items for family members, or have any unusual, hard-to-pack items that benefit from increased volume.
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