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    Stuff Sack & Shoes

    I'd like to use a Stuff Sack to store my running shoes or low-top basketball shoes (I'm a size 11 Mens), and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on the best size I should get?

    My best guess is that I'll probably need a Size 4.


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    I would think so - I can fit mine in a size 3, but I have small feet even for one of the female persuasion (UK 4, Continental 37).
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    I just tried to put a pair of mine in a Sice 4. I have Continental 43 and it seems to make a 9 in USA (?). I can fit one in there and barly close it. There would be room left with-wise but not in hights. I have to say, that for shoes I still use plasticbags just because I am not sure through what I went all day long and I do not want that unknown dirt in my Tom Bihn Sacks. I tend to use them one day for this, the other day for that and I just want to keep shoes out of this rotation.
    But my point is: You might not be able to put two shoes size 11 in a Size 4 Packsack. Maybe an Aeronout 45 Side-pocket Packingcube all fabric?

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    An option could be shoe drawstring bags, ..... You put each shoe into an individual material drawstring bag or you can get them for both shoes in the one bag. Try a Google search on them. I have a cotton cloth sacks for each shoe and the are great. Having them stored individually allows you to fit them in available gaps in your packing.

    Ooh, ... Ooh, ... maybe one or two of the TB Travel Sacks ... The largest size maybe.
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    I wear a ladies size 8. The large yarn stuff sack is large enough to hold a pair of shoes, but not the travel stuff sack. HOWEVER, my husband wears size 11 and I can only fit ONE of his shoes in the large YSS. You may be better off with the packing cube shoulder bag; unfortunately, I recently sold mine, so I can't check for you. I wonder if the laundry sack would work.
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    As much as I love TB and packing cubes, for shoes I use those plastic bags that the newspaper comes in( at least in california).
    Its cheap (free), you have an unlimited supply.they weigh nothing. If they start getting grungy, I just use a different one. i find the bags my sunday paper come in are better for my hubbys size 10 us shoes. I usually just put one shoe in each bag. Also, for some reason we seem to get papers delivered in blue, pink, clear or even rarely orange bags. i f you wait long enough, you can color code by user.

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    I use the clear shower caps from hotels.

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    I can fit my men's New Balance 1012 Stability Motion Control Size 11 (US) running shoes (read wide base) in a tall, all fabric YSS (both shoes in one YSS). It is somewhat of a tight fit and you will need to squeeze a bit but ok for me - but could be an issue if your shoes are wet and with mud - ie, you will get your hands dirty getting them in.
    However, I agree with @Melissa (and not just about the Black/Iberian combo being the BEST) that a PCSB works best for the running shoes. For the low top basket ball shoes, I am not sure and I do not have any to try. However, I think they would work in the PCSB - but tight.

    Hope this helps

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    Wouldn't the Travel Laundry Stuff Sack be the best option for larger shoes?

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