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    Favorite pre-printed planner pages for the FJN?

    For those of you who put pre-printed planner pages in your FJN, what are your favorite options? I remember Franklin Covey having great variety *cough cough twenty years ago cough cough* but now...not so much. Nothing from Daytimer or Dayrunner is making me happy. I've looked on Etsy and didn't find anything I really liked. Surely there are other things to try out there!

    Years ago I made a lot of my own planner pages, and that's my fallback option, but I find it hard to find good paper to print on. And when I do find good paper, it's hard to get it cut properly. Staples completely botched it last time and all I wanted was to have a ream of paper cut in half. I vowed never again; I'll learn how to use the big scary cutter at work instead.

    Thanks for your ideas!
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    Besides the ones you mentioned: Exacompata and Quo Vadis have great paper, fountain pen compatible and made in France.

    Catalog Great Planners and Notebooks Quo Vadis Planners

    Somewhere there is a video of Maverick printing the paper Tom offers for the FJN, so no cutting.

    Another tip is to print planner pages portrait style on only one side of the printer paper then fold in two, and punch the outer sides. When the day, week or month is done the paper can be reversed for notes.

    If you need your calendar notes for the year, use the blank side as a drawing notebook for the twins.

    There is a lady that makes nice calendars and all sorts of cute paper related stuff in the SF Bay Area but I can't find the website.

    I use the grid pages as daily planner pages when a complicated tasks is set for that day.

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