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    Hydroflask 40 in a Pilot?

    Hello Bihners,

    I'm looking to pick up a TB Pilot and wanted to know if the Hydroflask 40oz bottle will fit into the central water bottle pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by balrog View Post
    Hello Bihners,

    I'm looking to pick up a TB Pilot and wanted to know if the Hydroflask 40oz bottle will fit into the central water bottle pocket.
    @balrog. Hope someone else who has the 40 oz Hydrofkask can answer this for you, but my guess is that it would be a very tight fit if you could do it. The reason I think this is that the depth of the water bottle pocket on the Pilot seems to be the same as for the Synapse 19, and when this question was asked for the Synapse 19 @Walker showed a picture indicating the 40 oz Hydroflask could be placed in the water bottle pocket, but the zipper could not be closed. Now, you may get a little more leeway with the design of the Pilot zipper for this pocket, but it will probably be a very tight fit.

    Here's my post in the thread Biting the bullet -- ordering my first Synapse!. Take a look at @Walker's picture in the Will the Synapse 19 hold the 40oz HydroFlask? thread. I've given you the earlier link to @Tachiyaku's thread, because there's a lot of other discussion about different size HydroFlasks, and at the end of the thread he coMmented that his 24oz HydroFlask did fit comfortably, but if he were carrying a lot in the bag it was a tight fit.

    Hopefully, someone who has the 40oz Hydroflask and a Pilot can provide you with a more exact answer.

    HTH moriond

    P.S. Be aware that your posts are still under moderation, even though you joined back in 2010, because you haven't previously been posting questions. That means that a moderator has to be reading one of your posts and notice that it is flagged to not appear to general forum users, as well as manually switch over the setting before it shows up. Your first set of posts are affected by this.

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    Lifefactory 22oz = PERFECT (like a glove)
    Hydroflask 21oz = YES
    Hydroflask 40oz = NO

    Hydroflask 40 in a Pilot?-22ozlifefactorypilot-jpgHydroflask 40 in a Pilot?-21ozhydroflaskpilot-jpgHydroflask 40 in a Pilot?-40ozhydroflaskpilot-jpg
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    Just did a quick test. In addition to the bottles @Proctor mentioned, the 32oz Hydroflask also fits quite nicely in the Pilot's center water bottle pocket.

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    Nordic and orange look amazing together. Though I should know this since they are the colors of my undergrad alma mater. Sigh... At least I have Aubergine and UV.

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