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    Just to make you drool more, my avatar shows a uv synapse (and no I am not willing to part with it!). And oh yeah, it matches the lining of my new dyneema wf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kajikaiko View Post
    I have one of the ultraviolet synapse 19 that I might be willing to trade for a black or nordic dyneema. I live in your area.
    I just met with kajikaiko, my new favorite person, before work this morning and purchased my very own, beautiful, barely-used, been-to-Italy(!!), ULTRAVIOLET SYNAPSE!!!

    I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much, kajikaiko! This was so perfect. I can't believe someone who lives like 20 miles from me had the exact bag I wanted and wanted to get rid of it.

    Happy Tuesday!
    It's pronounced "Pan-Jiff-Oh-Knee."

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    You lucky person! I still want to tackle the picture of dorayme and steal hers off her back. I think London would love a visit from an ultraviolet backpack! I'm still leaning toward the DLBP though... But also the MCB has learned my name too.

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    So pleased for you Pangifone!

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