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Thread: How do you organize your Packing-Cubes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moriond View Post
    The WF small packing cube is conveniently sized for some uses like fitting into a Co-Pilot or into a Little Swift (not that I ever plan to use my Little Swift to carry a couple of complete outfit changes such as dress, skirt, top, jacket, etc., but it can be done).

    Yes, I still have my small Western Flyer cube, even though I no longer have a Western Flyer.

    Quote Originally Posted by backpack View Post
    I would say that the tag is probably a 2x2 cm square.
    That's tiny! which pen do you use to write on it?
    Regular pen. I just abbreviate.
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    Please bring back the Portable Culture patch!

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    Every once in a while I have to look up a word (about once every two weeks of reading the forum). I had to look up abbreviate. My passive vocabulary is quite large and therefor it amused me that such a normal word never came up so far.
    It is the same with ladle. When I first heard it, I thought what magical item might that be... well after looking it up I learned that it is sometimes the most common things of daily use, that do not come up in books or films...

    By the way: just put a small Western Flyer cube on my wish list.

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    OK - I didn't take much convincing - keeping my WF cube for use in Co-Pilot. Thanks @moriond and @bchaplin for pointing this out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilkyway View Post
    Maybe this is a silly question but so far I have Packing Cubes for the Aeronout and the Pilot. On Monday there will be two for the Nightflight. So far nothing as gotten confused but I see myself in the future searching through a pile of Packing Cubes to find THE ONE.

    So laugh away at this silly problem but pleas tell me, what you do to keep them apart.
    Funny thing @Ilkyway I was thinking about the same thing... I received the small A45 packing cubes with my DLBP and the Pilot with itīs own.

    So far I put the Pilot packing cubes in the Pilot and left the A45 out while trying to find a better solution for that.

    I was thinking about using the tags that came with it, fixing then with a safety pin because the packing cubes are mesh sided, but I donīt want to do this with the soon to arrive all fabric end pocket cubes. And I donīt want to risk damaging those paper labels!

    So I will probably use a paracord knot on the zipper to color code then (Got this idea from the color coded key straps). I will put a matching knot someplace in a highly visible o-ring inside the bag to do a quick check in case I forget the code.

    A45 - Navy Blue
    A30 - Light Blue
    NFTD - Gray
    Pilot - Dark Green
    WF - Light Green (for the CP)

    My guess is that the main distinction that has to be be made is which bag it belongs because the size should be easier to figure it out. But I am not sure if I will be able to differentiate end pocket from small under stress... Got to find out when they arrive.

    If I have problem with this, I will use different length knot to differentiate then, longer to end pocket and shorter to small.

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    Working on issues with Aeronaut packing organizers,
    hoping for the perfect Aeronaut sidekick, a second generation PCSB with the organization of SE and the size of a EPPC!

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    Packing cubes live inside a bag home but the bigger bags change as we figure which bags suit us more
    So I got hubs a navy tri-star w cubes then got him an indigo co- pilot
    He was so struck w that color that I bought an indigo tri-star and sold his navy one
    He saw my dyneema bags and found out about the A-45 in dyneema
    So he wanted it instead and the indigo tri-star was sold
    He's very happy w his A-45 / pilot - both in Dyneema-convinced its the best fabric ever
    Now he owns an A-30 too ( of course in dyneema)
    I still have his tri-Star cubes and have put them in my cardinal A-45
    Along w my three PCSBs
    I had a WF but sold it - in favor of the open style A-30
    My A-30in dyneema has no cubes but when it does- they will live inside
    Hubs has opted out of the cubes- not his style
    His aeronaut bags live on a shelf in linen closet
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    I put a colored sticker with an abbreviation (WF, NF, P, A30, etc.) on the tag inside the packing cube. Stickers are the kind that can be bought in any office supply store (or in a "dollar store" in the U.S.)

    I'm just loving that I have so much Tom Bihn that I'm having this problem....
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    This is all another reason why packing cubes should come in other dyneema colors!!!
    Seeking Cardinal Co-Pilot!

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