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    Quote Originally Posted by terayon View Post
    In the LCB, the straps are interchangeable via Tri-glides. It's not a real quick change (unless you outfit the bag with cheater Ds and the straps with snap hooks), but it is certainly possible without resorting to scissors.

    It is the MCB and the SCB that have the straps sewn directly on the bag.
    I bought my first LCB with a Simple Strap but I switched to the Absolute Strap pretty quickly. It just makes any load, disappear.

    The key to choose LCB versus MCB is the size of the person.

    A fairly petite person, especially if he/she is slender, will be better off with the MCB.

    Somebody who is 5.7/5.8 or over, can use the LCB and shorten or lengthen the Absolute Strap to accommodate his/her girth.

    I like the size of the LCB precisely because I own a FJN and it fits a Large Pouch with documents.

    In winter, any extra space is quickly filled with hat, gloves and scarves in over heated commuter buses or trains and just about every buildings (except doc offices and hospitals, for some reason).

    In spring and autumn downpours and the occasional summer one, the back pocket is wonderful for keeping a rain jacket or an umbrella.

    In all seasons, it is a great place for a Small Pouch housing a touch card for public transport. And another Small Pouch for change, another lip balm, all tethered with a Key Strap to a Double Carabiner clipped to the grab handle.

    I assume that a Q-Kit would fit there too.

    Make sure to order as much Key Strap as you think, she will use to secure her existing and some new TB Pouches.

    Besides the Large Pouch to protect documents, the Small and Mini, as well as the TB Wallet or Small and Medium Double Pouches are ideal for the Cafe Bags.

    A Medium is good for folded letter size documents, half letter size documents or smaller.

    A Small Cafe Bag is wonderful used as a minimalist portrait style EDC PLO with a bigger EDC (S19 and 25, Swift and Little Swift, Pilot and Co-Pilot, Large and Small Shop Bag, Daylight Backpack and Founder Briefcase) for serious paperwork and electronic, or library, grocery store/farmer market, gym/swimming/yoga/dance class, bike errands stroll, minimalist packing person.

    Or travel with the Aeronaute 30 or 45, Tri-Star, Western Flyer, Brain Bag, Smart Alec and Guide's Backpack.
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