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Thread: Two of a kind?

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    Hello WenV!! I weighed the pack this morning - it looks to be about 7 pounds (give or take a pound, since my scale is old and probably slightly inaccurate). Which is a little heavy for my son, I believe 10-15% of body weight is the guideline for kids' packs. (He's six, but just 40 lbs. - my side of the family is petite. ) I may take out some stuff and put it in my carry-on instead.

    DLBP is a lovely pack. I wonder if you can retrofit sternum straps? I know I've seen third-party sternum straps at outdoor-gear stores. My challenge with the DL, as with the PCBP, is that there are no chest straps. I also really prefer curved, padded straps. My son has this hiking pack (for school): REI Tarn (18L; with sternum/waist straps). And for daytime excursions (museums, city walks), he has a smaller one (North Face Sprout; 490 cu. in.; 7.5 oz; 12.5"H x 9"W x 5"D) that is good for the basics - water bottle, light jacket, a toy or two. (If I put a bigger pack on him, he inevitably hands it off to me at some point, negating the whole reason for giving him his own pack. )

    Also, I just noticed that the S19 is 16" tall (and narrower), vs. 17" for the DLBP and 18" for the PCBP (Tri-Star version). If your son is tall it may not matter (and eventually he will grow into whichever pack he has ), but for mine, the shorter length is much more manageable. I wouldn't be able to put the PCBP on him right now, it would bump into his knees!

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    @haraya, I would be interested to know the weight of your son's S19 as packed I have considered using the S19 on my son (also 6yrs) but thought the weight of the pack empty may be an issue to begin with. Hence, I had purchased the DLBP for him.

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    Thanks for the feedback, haraya! Yes, I didn't realize the height of the DLBP was taller than the S19 till after I'd ordered it. But never mind, if it doesn't fit now, it will later on. Lol. It's the lightness of the pack I'm more interested in. Actually, my son's proper school bag is much too big for him right now. It hangs below his bottom but he seems to handle it ok without much complaint. The shoulder straps I believe sit well on his shoulders without slippage. This would be the central question for the DLBP, whether it would sit well on my som's shoulders. I will report back once we get our bags delivered 😀

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