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    Quote Originally Posted by scribe View Post
    I shall have to try and make it to a Staples when I'm in the US - we have them here, but obviously they sell A4/A5 stuff rather than letter/half-letter (which is why I resorted to Day-Timer paper and dividers - they're the same size everywhere).
    Can you order letter size or half letter at Staples online? I know that in the US, we can get A4 and A5 very readily at Staples online.
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    Probably, but overseas shipping can be prohibitive on heavy items like paper

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    Quick question for the folks at Tom Bihn: Is the iPad mini version of the FJN still in the works and any idea of an ETA if it is? Thanks in advance!

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    1. I use it as a daily calendar/agenda and commonly take it with me writing down various things and sometimes brief notes. I think it does a pretty good job of having a mini office with you. I can carry pens, markers, pencils, memory sticks, eraser, stapler remover, my phone, and keys inside of it. I haven't used it to keep extensive notes, I usually have the field journal, and a laptop.

    2. You can also use the paper that has 7 holes, my agenda/calendar has 7 holes as long as it's the right size. I believe you can buy some online but not sure about office depot, etc.

    3. I use the plastic leaf that comes with it as a divider for current date, it works fine.

    4. I carry a Maped Classic 1-Hole pencil sharpener in the front zipper. I haven't had any problems with it, not bulky. My front zipper can get somewhat bulky at times especially when I throw in the keys.

    5. I also have a pental polymer eraser in the front zipper.

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    Another +1 for Staples. Very reasonable price. I took a ream of blank 8 1/2 x 11" paper and had them cut it with their fancy laser-guided machine. I think it cost a few bucks or so to do, not including the paper. Works really well when you want to print stuff out and put it in the notebook. Just print, three-hole punch it, and go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scribe View Post
    Probably, but overseas shipping can be prohibitive on heavy items like paper

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    You might be able to pick up a pack or more of filler paper half letter size (5-1/2" x 8-1/2") at Staples.

    If they are only available online, maybe one of the get together person can order a couple for you.

    If that is not possible, Rhodia bloc number 16, or any paper in A5 format fits really well.

    Rhodia is the best with fountain pens, I settled for other kind of paper but it gave the nibs of my fountain pens flow problems, so when I found a local retailer, I bought some of their stock and my fountains pens have been great to use, ever since.

    You can get them at supermarkets in France and probably the rest of Europe.

    I bought a 7 holes punch when I first got my FJN but I was not overly enthusiast about it, I just got a two hole punch, I aligned the paper with the Plastic Leaf, made marks in pencils and punched two holes in the upper part of the left side of the page, realigned the two hole punch with the lower hole to punch again and make the third hole.

    Result, perfect three hole page.

    I know, I make it look a bit complicated but I do not like the very thin, portable hole punches, I find it a struggle to get enough force to be able to punch neatly, more than one page at a time.

    TB pre punched pages fit inside a Medium Pouch, I will say twenty at a time.

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