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    ego vs super ego vs ID as camera bag with insert

    I am debating between these three.

    I have a variety of requirements depending on where I am traveling.

    But usually I take my canon 7d, canon 24-105, my tamron 17-55, a flash, accessories, chargers etc. plus iPad mini

    I have also been considering buying one more lens for travel but have not decided.

    I have a large bag for when I need to take other equipment and lens so this is more for my standard everyday and travel bag.

    which would be the best solution

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    Perhaps some of these links might help:

    The camera I/O insert from TB fits well in both Ego bags. However, it seems that depending on how many lenses you bring, the ego / super ego may get heavy. In that case, I would suggest you get the QAM strap to better distribute the load. From the above posts, the Ego is generally a tight but ok fit and having a Ego, I would agree (note there is a lot more space in the front compartment even with the Camera I/O). This may be fine for you as you already have a larger bag if you want to carry more. I personally like the smaller ego as an EDC. The Super Ego is a good fit leaving some extra room but is a very big bag - perhaps not as good for EDC duties unless you really need the volume.

    I have not seen any comments from people about using the ID. I have seen comments of people using the now retired Imago.

    BTW - an advantage of going with the camera I/O is that it works with the annex clip system in the Egos - keeps your insert from falling out of the bag.

    Hope this helps

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