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    Where can I buy this part?

    Anybody know what part this is called and if I can buy it from the accessories page? I went through all the pictures but didn't see anything that would work except for the cheater strap. I'm basically trying to add some attachment point on one of my existing bags so I can attach a strap.

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    I believe you are looking for a Cheater "D" ring from the parts list. See jmoz's picture post at the bottom of the first page of this thread:

    Now, I believe there is some confusion around the picture of the Cheater "D" ring on the TB website - which has a more rounded connector (which I ordered a while back). I believe the rounded connector is the old version while the current version is as per jmoz's picture. I would contact TB Customer Support to confirm.

    Alternately, depending on what you are looking to do, you could also use the Triangle Metal Hook show in this thread:

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks, yes the pictures on the accessories page is indeed confusing!

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