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    For those who are having zipper issues have you tried zipper lube or zipper ease?
    There r a bunch of products out when u google those terms.

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    Adding to what Trailhiker said above,
    mine had the raspy sound on closing too, and I decided to seek help from the 2 smartest people I know.
    "Mum? Dad?"
    Dad used a white candle and rubbed it against the teeth of the zippers.
    Raspy sound is still there but reduced significantly.
    It's worth a try for those having the issue, and wouldn't hurt the Double Organizer Pouch anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bchaplin View Post
    Hi, Darcy,

    Will there be an update soon?
    Thank you.
    Soon, I hope! We're still trying to find if there's something going on here. The feel of zippers does definitely vary slightly -- I mean, in my experience, you really have to look for/feel for any real difference -- from zipper to zipper, but that's about the natural (as natural as a synthetic product like a zipper can be ) variation in stuff like zipper teeth. And, we're using the same zippers we always have and are sewing them in the same way we always have. So, signs point to likely no issue, but we just want to be sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trailhiker View Post
    For those who are having zipper issues have you tried zipper lube or zipper ease?
    There r a bunch of products out when u google those terms.
    I wouldn't recommend this -- it shouldn't be necessary. We think the zippers are opening and shutting just fine. I could get a zipper to make a slightly bigger noise when I opened it sometimes, but found I had to work at that the subsequent times to really make it make the same noise again.
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    OK, thank you for looking at it.
    Please bring back the Portable Culture patch!

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    My small and medium double organizer pouches also have a "drag" and loud/raspy sound upon closing. It almost feels like the teeth are backwards or something-- I've never seen a zipper sound or feel like that when closing only 1 direction. I didn't return mine because I still like both pouches and find them useful, but it isn't a smooth experience, and I usually have to hold one end of the pouch to work it shut.

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    Hi, just to small double organizer and mini OP zippers also make a strange sound when closing them.

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    Yep, reporting the same with my new Cocoa/Navy SCB. The zippers close with some resistance and a somewhat... grudging noise. It has the new gunmetal zipper, but my Plum/Wasabi SCB which also has the new zipper closes "normally". Strange.
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