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    Quote Originally Posted by moriond View Post
    @kkintea Should your post(s) be titled Not Quite 50 Shades of Grey?

    Well, it could've been not quite one more shade... I forgot about the steel dyneema side effect that I have as a trunk organizer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkintea View Post
    Evolution of the steel side effect: cordura, parapack, and fresh out of the box ballistic.

    For me, the texture is the difference. All are great!


    Just to clarify since I just noticed that I swapped the order around in my side effect photo shoot... cordura = portable culture tag, parapack = black zippers, and ballistic = silver zippers.

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    Wow, thanks so much for the great photos! It's really interesting to see the noticeable texture difference of the fabrics, too. Though I think my conclusion may be that I need to place a new order for the ballistic Steel/UV and ballistic Black/Iberian (and a couple other things before the price jump) to compare in person!

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