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    Wish there was a way to search the web store for certain colors and fabric.

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    You can 'view all' and the swatches are under each product. It's not quite what you what but it'll do the trick if you're looking for particular colors quickly. The only product where you need to click through to the specific page is the Brain Bag. No mini color preview for that one oddly enough.

    Perhaps it's due to the changeover to parapack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nukediver View Post
    I have to agree with everyone in saying I miss all the color choices of the cordura; I really didn't have a problem with the fabric. I wish I'd grabbed something in Conifer before it vanished....
    @nukediver I forgot to mention that the Large Cafe Bag is still available in Conifer, in addition to the 3D Clear Organizer Cubes.

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