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    Which accessories/organisers would you recommend for the Smart Alec?

    So, I've reached the decision point and know that an SA is what I need, but since I'm in the UK and will be facing the additional import costs, I thought I may as well buy as much as I can (within reason ), in one go, but I can't work out which accessories I should pick.
    The list so far is:-
    Upper & lower modular pockets
    Brain cell
    Snake charmer
    Side effect
    Stuff sack sz 2 & 3
    Clear organiser pocket
    Organiser pouches sml (maybe a few)
    Fabric cube (for shoes, but which size fits the SA?)
    Mesh cube (for clothes - would this be a WF or Aeronaut one?)
    3D cube
    Guardian light
    Gatekeeper straps x3
    Glowire lime
    Key straps, probably several in each length
    Clear organiser wallet

    Any recommendations would be welcome

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    I would definitely suggest a Vertical Freudian Slip. It allows you to store things vertically. For me, the key to packing well in any backpack is to think vertically - do not have things just pushed down to the bottom. What you get is a "pudgy" bottom and a flat top that does not wear well.
    I would agree to get some organizer pouches and key straps to hang from the Top O-Rings as well - the more the better.

    If you really want to go over the top, you can get a Co-Pilot (may save on buying this instead of some of the other items like a snake charmer or side effect) that can fit in the bag so you have a Bag in Bag appoach (Get an Absolute Strap too while you are at it - but I read on the forum that it could be a bit of overkill and that a simple shoulder strap is fine).

    I would get some extra Annex Clips as they seem to work to hook other items in as there are 2 sets of attachment points in bag.

    If you have not already, look at the External Bag Reviews for the Smart Alec. It is the top item in the Bag Reviews section of the forum. There are lots of ideas there.

    Hope this helps.

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    tmg68, please don't be insulted but I can't tell from your posts if you are a man or women. For me a Side Effect is a must have. Mine is my everyday purse. That said, they make for an exceptionally organized backpack no matter your gender. I would also suggest a clear organizer cube as a 311 bag. I use another one for toiletries not requiring a clear 311 type bag. I would add three or four small pouches and at least one medium. My medium holds my Kindle and iphone chargers and ear buds. Several key straps are a must have. If you don't care about color choices you're all set. However, you can ask for specific choices. If they are available you will get your specific choices. For me the Snake Charmer was a bit too large. I also prefer packing cubes over stuff sacks. I find they just fit better. I do have a small stuff sack that I fold in half and use as a catch all at night. In goes the watch, rings, glasses, phone and so on. Keeps stuff from being strewn all over and maybe being left behind. Sorry I've gone on... whatever you choose you are sure to love it. These are things you'll use for years to come.
    When the package arrives pictures please.
    List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!

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    +1 on the Vertical Freudian Slip (a must have in a backpack)
    + 1 on the Key Straps
    Same for the Guardian Light, the handiest, lightest and longest lasting light I have ever owned.

    Stuff Sacks, I will say one in every size, you won't believe how handy they are, even the smallest ones when you need to wrangle electronic power supplies, craft supplies, tools, small accessories, bunch of AA or AAA batteries...
    I have one set and I don't know how I managed without them.

    Don't forget the Travel Tray.
    It is the must have accessory, when you travel to corral stuff that usually end up in the night stand or the bath counter and that one has to stress about when it is time to get to a meeting or pack before breakfast time, plane time or checkout time roll in.

    Double Carabiners, they are very lightweight, yet, very strong, a mystery on how the Crew is able to manage to do or have them made so they can be both. Way better than the el cheapos found everywhere else.

    The whistle, either the one you clip in (I have one) or the really small one that attaches to the sternum strap, I got one in grey because it blends with the black of the other side of the sternum strap.
    If you do a lot of commuting at night, use the orange one.

    Note that I have owned whistles for quite some times.
    There is no comparison between the built of the cheap one and the lightweight as well as strong ones made for Tom Bihn Inc.

    Thank you for asking about our input because the accessories is what make transporting things inside Tom Bihn bags even more awesome than just having the bags themselves.

    This is from somebody who has loved bags and purses and baskets and luggages since I was very little.

    Sorry tpnl, your "like" disappeared after I rushed to correct a glaring spelling error after I saw editing was still a possibility.
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    The Size 2 knitting tool pouch is a good size for pens/pencils, if you prefer something shorter than the pencil pouch. Knitting Tool Pouches - Organization for knitting needles and tools - TOM BIHN

    I'm a 2 Side-Effect traveler - one to wear for purse/plane, and the other (in Dyneema) for gathering up small stuff in my main bag. I find the pockets and zips of SE more functional than the slimmer 3D Fabric organizer cube. Travel tray is great, if you have space.

    Love that 3D organizer cube! That and the organizer wallet go on every trip. I use the mini clear / Dyneema organizer pouches most, but I'd like to try the square knitting pouch for chargers.

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