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    Size 1 Cache and which backpack?

    The Cache page states that it will fit into Synapse 25, Synapse 19, Brain Bag and Smart Alec backpacks, but I assume, much like the Braincell, it depends on the size? The Braincell pages lists the bags that each size fits into, so is the Cache similar? However, since that page doesn't mention any of those backpacks, just Empire Builder, Super Ego and Tri-Star for a size 1, I'm thinking best bet is to ask the experts.

    So I have a size 1 Cache, which backpack of those 4 (Synapse 25, Synapse 19, Brain Bag and Smart Alec) will definitely work? Thanks for any help.

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    In general you can find out which size caches will work in which bags by looking at the listed buying options for the Cache on that bag's product page. The Size 1 Cache will fit into the Brain Bag and the Smart Alec in vertical orientation. It will also fit into a Tri-Star in horizontal orientation. I'd guess it is too large for the Synapse 25. You have a cache with rails that work in a horizontal orientation.

    Note, however, that if you want to use this with the rails pull-out mechanism that you need to get a (vertical) cache with rails for bags that use rails in vertical orientation (e.g. Backpacks like the Synapses or Smart Alec) and a (horizontal) cache with rails for bags that use rails in horizontal orientation. I'm not sure whether the iPad Caches with rails for these bags are all horizontally oriented, but it would make sense if this were the case.

    You can read more information about the cache with rails design in my recent posts to the Cadet 15/13 - Not Listed thread, where I explain how the rails on the new model Cadets differ from the previous models, and provide links to videos showing how the Caches with rails work in the backpacks.

    HTH. Cheers,


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    Thanks moriond, didn't think of clicking the Cache dropdown on the product pages themselves. Good point on the orientation of the rails webbing, mine is horizontal. I took at look at the videos in that thread, but it seems to me that none of the backpacks will be able to give me the "on rails" experience (as the size 1 seems to only fit in a vertical position, not that that's necessarily a dealbreaker. And if it is, I'll buy a vertical Cache.

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