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    Question Backpack for a yoga mat?

    I am stuck in an endless loop of TB indecision between backpacks and I just keep thinking of more use cases. Can anyone with a Smart Alec and a yoga mat help me out? Will the mat hold securely in the webbing? Or perhaps with the gate keeper straps?

    Alternatively (although it seems less likely to work), do you think there would be any way to horizontally strap a mat at the bottom of a Synapse where the webbing loop is?

    Any experience or opinions welcome. Pics would be extra awesome! Thanks!

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    Don't have a yoga mat, but have carried a heavy jacket in the webbing with no problems. The webbing goes through a loop at center bottom which should keep it from slipping out (not sure how far it would stick up at top though). You can cinch down the elastic pretty well, and the reflective part is actually raised, so it is grippier than some shock cord I've seen/experienced.

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    I do not have experience with a yoga mat on my SA but I do carry some "tube-like" items occasionally on my Smart Alec (e.g. presentation posters put in a tube attached to the SA).

    I did take a few pictures with my SA and my wife's yoga mat. For reference, I put in the bag, a Brain Cell, pair of running shoes (size 11) and T-shirt / shorts / socks / towel. In the side pockets I have an umbrella and a 24 oz. water bottle. The mat was very snug on the bag - it would not fall out. One of the pictures shows the mat pushed down a little farther past the bottom of the bag as another option.

    Name:  Smart Alec_Yoga1.jpg
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    IMO, one of the Smart Alec's key benefits is that you can put large long items outside the bag as well as bulky items like sweaters and jackets easily and cleanly.
    Hope this helps.


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    Thank you guys!

    tpnl - Excellent pics! That's exactly what I wanted to see! Perfect!

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