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    Such a Little Thing...the Travel Tray

    The TB Travel Tray is just the best. In fact, it serves me each day, sitting on my small night stand. Who'da thunk it? In it, I routinely place, glasses case, hair wranglers, watch, hearing aid case, cough drops, and space pen. On a recent two night trip, I simply added meds, headlamp, flashlight, and cables and chargers for mini Ipad and phone. When I arrived at destination, my minimal techno-stuff was easy to find and made part of my bedtime routine less cumbersome. On a much longer trip to farther climes and when I arrive in the wee hours, I'll simply need quick access to this, my dop kit, and a packing cube filled with night shirt and the next day's need to empty the Synapse yet.


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    Nice post, good planning Monkeylady!

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