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Thread: What happened to the TB Luggage Tag??

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    What happened to the TB Luggage Tag??

    Just went to order a Tom Bihn Luggage tag and noticed they were gone. What happened?? Is this a temporary or permanent?

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    Temporary! We're working on a new design...
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    Awesome! I've been wondering that myself since I started trolling Tom Bihn photos on Flickr and seeing these sweet looking luggage tags everywhere. Looking forward to the redesign!
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    I want to know what happened to *my* TB luggage tag. I can't find it anywhere. I fear it may be a casualty of housecleaning.

    (Just one more reason for me to dislike housework.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy View Post
    Temporary! We're working on a new design...
    Does that mean that I can sell some of my remaining luggage tags on eBay for exorbitant prices as a no-longer-available specialty item? (Just kidding.). The luggage tag was the only Tom Bihn item associated with my Indigo Tri-Star (regularly used since the Tri-Star first came out) that I had to replace earlier this year. I also keep one hooked onto an inside o-ring of my Synapse.

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    I just received an order of gear-sized GoCodes today (because I like the idea better than putting personal contact information on tags). But I can't wait to see what new design TB has in store!
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    The tags have the info encrypted in the e-tag which can be easily read on a any smart phone.

    I don't feel that it is more secure than a regular tag where I can choose the data I put on.

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    Is TB any closer to coming out with the new luggage tags yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melissa View Post
    Is TB any closer to coming out with the new luggage tags yet?
    Another inquiring mind wants to know.
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