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    13" MacBook Pro Retina Brain Cell for a 13" MacBook Air? Also horizontal, vertical?

    As nearly as I can tell the 13" MacBook Air and the 13" MacBook Pro Retina have almost the same maximum dimensions, with reasons for concern as follows:

    1) The Air is 0.67" thick to the Pro's .75", so the Air'll have more room to move around in the Brain Cell. Also, the Air is tapered, so it can sort of waggle around its widest point, while the Pro would be held fast.

    2) The Pro is 12.35" long while to the Air is about half an inch longer at 12.8". Depending on just how much give the Brain Cell has on either side (it'd only need a quarter of an inch give), the Air might be too long for it.

    Anybody have any experience trying to use a Brain Cell with a MacBook Air? Is it fine, functional-but-not-recommended, a complete disaster? It seems to me like it'd be fine, and the extra width might serve to hold it effectively in place, preventing the waggle problem created by the tapered shape.

    And in a related matter, how well does a Horizontal Brain Cell fit into a Brain Bag? I'm mostly thinking about future-proofing -- verticals seem ideal for backpacks, but if I ever pick up a Tri-Star or go with a messenger-style bag with integrated Annex Clips, that vertical Brain Cell would be useless. Horizontal Brain Cell seems overall more useful if less optimized for the Brain Bag.

    (Whee, Haswell processors!)

    EDIT: Or I could just use the automatic size calculator linked to on the Cache page to tell me the 13" MacBook Air fits into a Size 6X Horizontal Brain Cell or a Size 6Z Vertical Brain Cell. Hooray!

    The question of whether to go horizontal or vertical remains, though.
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