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    Does the Q-AM strap work with the Ristretto?

    I'm looking at shifting over from my Brain Bag to a Ristretto for everyday use -- Brain Bag is nice for a bunch of situations, but bulky for a daily commute; also taking stuff out of it on the bus is sort of a pain. I'm considering a Ristretto + Absolute Strap + 1" Cafe/Ristretto Messenger Stabilizer assemblage to take its place (probably the 13" Macbook Air/Pro option).

    The Q-AM strap description says it works with the Imago, Large Cafe, ID, Ego, and Superego bags. Thing is, looking at the photos and considering the general shape of the things, I can't figure out why a Q-AM strap wouldn't work with a Ristretto. And I definitely like the idea of carrying a messenger back higher up on my back, like a low-slung backpack, whenever I don't need to access it, while retaining the ability to carry it lower at my side when I need to be able to easily reach in and pull things out. That said, Tom's designs are pretty clever and it wouldn't surprise me if something clever he did with the Ristretto for some purpose I don't yet understand happens to have the unfortunate side-effect of making it incompatible with a Q-AM strap. Somehow.

    Or maybe not?

    Help me out here.

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    The strap on the ristretto attaches with clips. The Q-AM strap doesn't have clips on the ends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fdiaz64 View Post
    The strap on the ristretto attaches with clips. The Q-AM strap doesn't have clips on the ends.
    Yep, the Q-AM strap is amazing, but it attaches differently than the strap on a Ristretto. See pic:

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    As far as I understand, both the standard and the absolute straps can be adjusted for length even on the go—though I'm not sure it's as easy as with the Q-AM.

    But even if it's not that easy, just having the 1" stabilizer would also redistribute the weight (the way sternum straps do on a backpack, I imagine) and make the bag easier to carry.

    Or get yourself an Imago/ID with a Q-AM if you like their looks.
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