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Thread: 19 Synapse instead of PCBP in Tri Star?

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    19 Synapse instead of PCBP in Tri Star?

    How well would it work to fit a 19 Synapse instead of a PCBP into a Tri Star in situations where the additional organization or durability were deemed worth the extra weight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyJeff View Post
    How well would it work to fit a 19 Synapse instead of a PCBP into a Tri Star in situations where the additional organization or durability were deemed worth the extra weight?
    You can fit a Synapse 19 into the middle compartment of the Tri-Star. Remember that the thicker padded back that makes the Synapse so comfortable to wear is going to take up some room, as will the padded backpack straps. The PCBP is basically like an all Dyneema packing cube in rectangular format, with backpack straps that are like the (detachable) chest and waist straps of the Synapse. It would naturally go in the rear zippered compartment of the Tri-Star -- the one that zips open on 3 sides so you can completely open the compartment. You'd probably put the Synapse in the middle compartment that unzips down halfway, so the Synapse isn't likely to fall out if you aren't careful about how far you unzip.

    But remember, it's not going to be as easy to use the Synapse for packed content and access its contents. For one thing, the bag opens at the top, and that will be at the side as you insert it into the Tri-Star. It's not rectangular (another thing that makes it more comfortable to carry as a backpack, but not so good for using it as a packing pouch). You also won't be able to pack it full and still put it into that 3" deep compartment, but you could put in some items, like a laptop -- just not easy to access from inside the bag. On the other hand, if you want to use a real backpack at the other end of your travels for long periods of time, especially if you'll be carrying heavier items, and want the organization to access the items you carry, the Synapse is much more comfortable for this kind of use than the PCBP, in my opinion. But for many purposes, the lighter weight and sheer convenience of the PCBP will be key for many travelers. I usually travel with the Synapse (19) as my personal item, in addition to the Tri-Star.

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    Funny someone would ask this,I thought I was the only one crazy enough to do this?

    I travel a lot where I will fly out,pick up a car and drive back.
    I also travel to technical trainings or conferences
    where I will need office stuff and snacks during the day but pack everything I need for the trip in the TriStar which would be out of place and too big in the training.

    So I have taken to sticking the Synapse in the TriStar so I have something better and more flexible once I get where I am going.
    While the PCBP might do the same job on some levels it is certainly no match for the Synapse as a serious daily work bag where it excels for me. The extra organization and separation of different items in different places and the ability to carry water is huge for me and I also have to think that as a backpack the Synapse also rules?

    I will load the Synapse in the back compartment of the TriStar where it fits just fine or even better it will also go right into the rear where the TriStar Straps stow and still let the TriStar have all of its compartments empty.

    The first time I did this it seemed a little awkward but after that it just seems natural to me.

    So I can start a driving trip with a full TriStar including the Synapse on a small plane but then whip out the TriStar and put driving stuff in it including food and water which I will buy but can not fly with.

    Or I will have room for training materials in the Synapse that I didn't have in my 1-Bag on the way there for the trip back.

    I almost always travel with both,don't make me choose!


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    I do this too as its easier than carrying 2 bags. The Tri-star is frequently in backpack mode. Just don't pack anything you need to get to quickly in it
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    Thanks for the helpful input!

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    With this pair in mind, wouldn't it be handy to get the Synapse 19 in all 200 D Dyneema colors?

    (sung in the tune of Isn't Romantic)
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