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Thread: Large Cafe Bag or Imago

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    Large Cafe Bag or Imago

    I'm currently trying to decide between these two bags. I carry a macbook air 11" to and from work every day in addition to paper work, backup battery for iPad/iphone and a notebook or two. When I am not going to work I usually carry an ipad instead of the laptop. I have a couple of questions.

    Which of these bags would you all recommend for my usage?

    Will the Macbook air fit horizontally with the horizontal cache in the Large Cafe Bag?

    How does the QAM strap compare to the absolute strap? (I've read a lot of recommendations for the absolute strap and none for the QAM)

    Should I be considering the Medium Cafe Bag?

    Figured I'd ask these questions here as everyone seems to be very helpful on these forums.


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    A Ristretto perhaps? As you seem to mostly be carrying either your MBA or iPad, why not have the protection built in?

    As for the strap the Absolute is absolutely marvellous, but I've never tried the QAM as I, sadly, don't ride a bike anymore.

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    As I have a 11" Air and an LCB right next to me, I just checked and it will fit by itself horizontally with a little room, so I imagine it will fit with the Cache. But it's a tight fit and takes away from the usable depth of the bag, and I would not feel comfortable carrying it like this out and about. Fits a lot better vertically.

    I've had the LCB for ages, really like it and use it a lot with my Air (in a vertical too-big, old-style TB Soft Cell that I purchased for my 12" iBook), and my best friend has the Imago. I would choose the Imago if you want some space or the Ristretto if you like to keep it light.

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    I have an Imago, a LCB, a MCB and a MBA11" with horizontal cache. Here are some photos. IMHO the Imago is the "best" fit. Things are a bit more snug with the Air horizontally in the LCB (but still do-able). It does not fit horizontally in the MCB (but it does fit vertically).

    Imago (first shot with MBA in cache pulled partly out of bag to show width; second shot with MBA sitting down inside bag:
    Name:  Imago 1.jpg
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Size:  10.6 KBName:  Imago 2.jpg
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    Name:  LCB 1.jpg
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    MCB (MBA inserted vertically):
    Name:  MCB 1.jpg
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    Thanks for the advice. JLE, thanks for the pictures, really helped me with my decision. Going to get the Imago. I thought about a ristretto, but needed something that can also suit as a diaper bag in a pinch. I liked the look of the cafe bags, but it seems like the imago is better suited to my needs right now.

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