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    Mold on and inside my LCB & Brain Bag :(


    I have been traveling with a Large Cafe Bag and Brain Bag since September. Love them.
    I have been staying in Antigua, Guatemala for the past 4 weeks studying Spanish.

    At my arrival, these 2 bags were put in the same drawer from a dresser along with a big packing cube, a small backpack
    and various toiletries kit-sleeves from different brands.

    Both the LCB and Brain Bag are now ''covered'' in mold. I mean there is a lot of it, not only a small spot
    But no mold on the other small backpack, packing cube or any other material items!

    How can i clean the bags and remove the mold? Will it be a recurrent problem? Is it sanitary to keep using them?
    I don't intend to go back home for a long while and i am disappointed this is happening...

    No issue with my shop bag or side effect.

    Any help would be much appreciated. In avoidance of doubt, it rained only once a bit on these bags.
    It was early December and a poncho were covering them. Not perfectly covered but no water infiltration
    and slightly wet.



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    Wow, that's pretty weird -- I would definitely recommend trying MiraZyme -- it's a blend of natural enzymes and microbes and one of its specific applications is for gear with mold/mildew issues. Get a few packets so that you can apply it repeatedly if necessary. As for whether it will keep happening -- I honestly don't know as I can't remember hearing about this ever happening before. Maybe some folks in similar climates will chime in as to how they store their bags. I would guess storing them in such a way that they are out in the open air would be better. Good luck and let us know how it works!
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