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    Do you have an Imago? Thinking of getting one.

    I'd like to know what you like or dislike about the bag?

    I am looking for a brief-type bag that in the range of 14x 12x 6 for times as an alternate to my Synapse. love my Synapse but the Olive green isn't exactly for some of the business circles I travel in. I like the ID but it's a bit too big for my needs. The Cadet appears to be too thin. I really like the design of the co-pilot but my Lenovo X220 is 12 1/2 wide and would be a rather tight fit at best. (Are we getting into a Goldilocks an area here?)

    As an alternative I am thinking of the Imago but a bit unsure If it will fit my needs. Here is what I plan to carry:

    - Lenovo X220 with thin shell padding
    - 1 or 2 notebooks (9 x 12 max)
    - I am deaf with a cochlear implant and hearing aid. I have a mini dyneema pouch& mini padded pouch for these
    - mini dyneema pouch with pen and lead refills and thumb drives
    - glasses, pair of glasses and sunglasses (one two be stored in a side pouch, the other on my head) max length x width 5 1/3 x 1 1/3
    - maybe a thin book or a couple sandwich bags with lunch

    Any opinions are welcome.


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    I have an Imago in gray ballistic/cork/wasabi. I like it very much but I am not sure I'd call it 'professional'. Guess it depends on where you work. I'm in academia, and it isn't an issue. Anyway I love mine.

    It can hold a fair amount but feels a little uncomfortable to carry if overstuffed. (By overstuffed, I mean if I pack so much into it that it becomes rounded instead of being flat.) I am not sure how it would fit your laptop and notebooks, along with a book and lunch. Probably it would be manageable but without seeing these things it's hard to tell. You might take a look at some of the larger bags too.

    Pros: The little front pockets are very convenient for holding a train pass or other items I need to quickly access. Its horizontal orientation makes it very easy to find things. Cons: I miss having a dedicated space for a water bottle. And from a security standpoint, I would prefer it had a zipper at the top.

    Personally I tend to use it for a while, develop a sore shoulder from carrying it (as I'm prone to shoulder and neck tightness), and then switch to my Synapse or a small bag A few months will go by and I will rediscover the Imago and start using it again, beginning the cycle anew.
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    I own an Imago and right now I am using it for class. I can carry a 1" 3-ring binder, a legal pad and a pencil pouch in one of the pockets comfortably. I can fit a small water bottle in between the pockets. I might be able to include a netbook/mini but it would be a tight fit. I don't think the Imago is big enough to hold what's on your list. Have you looked at the Zephyr?

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    I have a black/black/steel Imago which I use for casual travel and occasionally as a casual laptop bag. I think it is too casual for some professional environments (I am a lawyer and company director) but looks pretty cool in the right setting. I agree you might find it a tight fit for your needs (I have a 11" MBA).

    I agree that the lack of a zip closure is a slight disadvantage from a security perspective especially when travelling; I deal with this by tethering OPs inside the bag.

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    Thanks to everyone for the input. I think I'll wait and see if the rumored Pilot appears.

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