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    Ego Seat Belt Buckle Silencer (Finally)

    I've struggled going between my seat belt buckle and my warrior buckle, mainly because I love the seat belt buckle better, but just get tired of the clanking noises it makes, and the buckle loosening, as I walk to/from work. After many days of procrastination, I sat down and worked out this solution, and it's really rather simple, and only takes a few dollars in parts. It's really simple to use, loosen it up like so, to adjust the buckle to where you want it to be:

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    Then cinch it up like this, to keep the buckle from loosening over time, and from making any noise whatsoever:

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    I used all black to be kind of stealthy, but you could use colored cord to suit your style. The only thing I might change, is using a thinner cord cinch (or whatever they are called), or of course, all TB hardware, if they happen to want to send some my way!

    This is my contribution to the Tom Bihn community!


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    Unfortunately, in the 6+ months I've been using this, the quick adjust ends up letting the cord slide, and eventually loosen enough that it lets the belt slide though. So while it does it's job for a few days, the seat belt buckle clank eventually comes back until re-tightened. It does provide some relief though, so I have kept it on. I probably just need to find a cord lock that has a little more bite in it.

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