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    Zipper pull thingys

    Hi all.... Was wondering if anyone has any experience switching out and using the zipper pulls? I briefly skimmed over an except by Darcy (I think) and wondered if it was a pain to do, had any regrets, etc. My wife wont let me buy and more tom bihn stuff right now so I experimented with some cheap ones just half hitching them and I think I like it. I have the imago and found it easier to grap and zip/unzip my pockets on the go. Any opinions?

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    Hi Heynurse!

    I've swapped out the zipper pulls on all my more EDC TB bags (synapse, large cafe bag, imago and co-pilot), but not with the TB pulls. I've actually made pulls out of shrink tubing and coreless 550 paracord. Less jangling (which is nice) and I find they are easier to grab. I am a huge fan.

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