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    New Ego and the Absolute Strap stitchwork

    So, having consolidated from a desktop + netbook setup to a 15" MacBook Pro, I sadly discovered that it would be necessary to trade in my ID for a roomier Ego.

    And man, I know that the Super Ego and Empire Builder are even larger, but this baby feels big! Will I get used to it? I'm 6'2" and fit, so it's more the experience I'm wondering about than the amount of strain involved.

    Also—and yes, I'm picky—would you call this stitchwork on the included Absolute Shoulder Strap up to par? I've owned Tom Bihn bags for six years and was a little dismayed when this arrived:

    New Ego and the Absolute Strap stitchwork-20120824_143318-jpgNew Ego and the Absolute Strap stitchwork-20120824_143327-jpg

    You'll note that the "cauterized" strap-end to the left was cut on a diagonal, which I've never seen in a Tom Bihn product before. The opposing strap-end is perfectly flush as usual. Granted, this is merely cosmetic.

    If the stitching strikes you as something likelier to give way within a year or two, that's another matter entirely.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Welcome, Jarno82! No, we would not consider that stitching up to par. It is a cosmetic issue -- the stitching won't fail -- but we would be glad to replace the strap for you. Send us an email ( and we'll arrange for a new strap to be sent along with a Return Service label for the current strap.
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    I carry a 17"MBP in a Super Ego,along with a lot of other stuff.
    You will be just fine.



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    Thanks, all. Return underway, still a happy customer after six years.

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