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    Need advice for trip to Hawaii

    Hi all!!

    I am new to the forums and Tom Bihn and I am quickly becoming a TB addict!!

    I have already purchased a Ristretto which I use as my EDC and just purchased a Brain Bag with all types of extras to use as my main carry on in Hawaii.

    I will be going for 2 weeks and traveling between islands twice for my honeymoon!

    My question is what should my second bag be? I need the brain bag since I am using it with the camera I/O to bring all my lenses and dslr. Would it be silly to purchase a synapse as well to use as my walk around bag in Hawaii as I think the BB might be to big to go hiking with?

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Welcome to the Forums! As a walking around day bag, I might first recommend the Synapse, cause it seems your a backpack person. It's roomy, super organized and comfortable for walking around. If you want to go messenger style, a co-pilot or Imago might be the way to go. The Imago holds alot of stuff - I recently stuffed it with books and papers and magazines and it kept expanding. I suggest the co-pilot cause you mentioned your camera stuff and it's great for that and can squeeze a water bottle, and depending on how much camera equipment, maybe a light jacket or something. Here's a great post by Ncb4 showing how she fit her camera equipment into her co-pilot. Good luck!

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