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    Hard Shell Case + 11" Macbook Air + Cache = Good Combination?

    Hey guys, it has been a long time since I have logged in. And during those past few months, I fell in love more and more with my TB bag and accessories.

    But for all the MacBook Air or even MacBook Pro users out there, have any of you tried placing a hardshell case on your MBP/MBA and placed it on a TB cache? Does it add any bulk especially if I'm using a MBA? Any heat issues or anything like that? Thanks TB fans!

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    I am using a Speck shell on my MBA 11". No problems with heat. It just fits in the Cache - tightly and the computer does not slip in/out as easily but it can be used. The case adds another 1/2 lb or so to the overall weight. I have been using the combination for a few months. No problems as yet.

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    I have a Speck shell on my 15.4" MacBook Pro and haven't had any heat issues either. Just like rabergnc commented, it's a tight squeeze in the Cache. You need both hands to get it out, but the Cache has loosened a bit over time and it's gotten easier to slide in/out of the Cache. I've been using the combination for about a year. I use the Cache inside my Aeronaut when I travel.
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    I have Speck or InCase shells on 4 different Macbook' from an 11",2-13" and my 17" and there is no problem with any of the overheating at all.
    I use them inside either Brain Cell,Waterfield Sleeve or Mac Truck and have never even seen a Cache but I do know if it slides in there it will be OK.


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