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Now this is another possibility I hadn't even considered, a bag in a bag. Maybe I could get the Synapse and also stuff either a medium or small Cafe bag in it for carrying the smaller stuff around town, as I am not as likely to carry so much in town as out hiking and exploring the countryside. Practical and stylish! Hmmm....
Don't knock it! This is a very typical get-up for me:

Western Flyer
... Main compartment: Packing Cube Backpack (for clothing)
... Front half-sized compartment: Packing Cube Shoulder Bag (various knickknacks)
... Other half-sized compartment: Side Effect for make-up, non-liquid toiletries (with an empty Ziploc baggie folded in), and a 3D clear organizer pouch (3-1-1 kit)

With this get-up, I can then:

- Use the Packing Cube Backpack at my destination if I need a bigger bag during the day than a purse
- Use the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag as my main day bag/day purse
- Use the Side Effect as a clutch or extra-light mini-purse if I don't have a lot to carry.